Tuesday, May 10, 2011

26, But Might As Well Be 34

If you go to you can print several different valuable coupons. One is for $3 off 2 bags.
(Mom, I was able to print this again!)
When you buy 2 bags at Kroger you receive a $3 catalina coupon to use on your next purchase.
To print the coupon you have to fill out some information such as name, address, age...
That's right - age!
I never tell my age - especially when the website asks date of birth. I always use January 1, 1980 since it is very easy to remember and quick to type into the line.

But back to my Splenda and age story... 
So when I was scrolling through the ages to put in 26 or something around 26, my catagory is evidently 24 - 34!
Which means although I am 26, I might as well be 34!
They have got to be kidding!
Splenda representative, if you are reading this, please fix that! Makes me feel bad about myself! Sure, if I was 34 I would be flattered, but I'm NOT!

In house news....
I went and looked at some houses since I have fear that the house I currently have an offer on might not work out as I would like it to. Per the paralegal working on my case (as of 6:32 PM when she last emailed me), the seller still hasn't called anyone back for us to go to the next step.

I would say I half way liked three of the houses seven houses I saw.
You wondering what it means to like a house half way aren't you?
To me, it means it was okay. I could live with it. Plenty of space, but not the layout I was really hoping for. I could see myself being okay with living in one of these homes for a few years; not long-term.
One of the homes I saw is a foreclosure across the street and a few houses down the road from the one I currently have an offer on. It was okay. Price is great! The roof has leaked and damaged the house some. This is a concern. How expensive would it be to repair? Is this a simple repair? Does the house need a new roof? I wouldn't know any of these answers until a home inspection was completed. The layout isn't as smooth as I would like and no garage. It has a great yard and would be very easy to fence in since the neighbors on either side have fenced in backyards. Square footage is also nice - 1300 I believe.
The fact that it is a foreclosure home is scary to me. I feel I have already had my fair share of this. My realtor says the process can be quick but it is sometimes slow. I don't want to sink more money and time into something I might not get. Which, just so you know, I asked and was told I will not get my $500 title search money back if I pull out of the house I have an offer on. So at this point I have spent almost $900 I will never get back. You know what I could have bought with that money? I could have taken a nice long weekend vacation. I am pissed! I want to go to that woman and punch her! I'm not normally a violent person, but I can't help it!
House hunting is NOT fun! No matter what ANYONE tells you!

P.S. Sorry for the grumpy under tone to this blog posting.

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