Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Looks Promising

Looked at another house today!
This one is very promising!
3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
1140 Square Feet
1 Car Detached Garage
Big Kitchen
Fenced in Backyard
Appliances INCLUDED!
Seller will help with closing costs!

I have another week before I can make an offer so I am hoping this one doesn't get scooped up.
Maybe a week from now I can blog about signing papers again! :)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

I would just like to thank all our brave men and women out there who serve this country!
If not for you, I would not be living the life I live today.
Thank you for securing our country's freedom!


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Is That Superman???

I was going to blog the other night but Blogger was not working correctly. Every time I tried to do anything it would have me log in again and again. After about 5 times logging in I gave up.

So here is what I was going to blog about last night.

The other day when my mom and I were driving around neighborhoods something caught my eye.
I had seen a goat!

A goat!

In some one's backyard!
In a neighborhood!

Of course we had to back up and get a picture.

He was facing us - guess he knew we were trying to get a picture of him!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More HH

Did more house hunting with my mom today since I took off for an appointment already.
We looked at 4 houses - I think. One of the houses I wanted to see already has a pending sale and another home I wanted to see my realtor was not able to get in touch with so we did not get to see either of these homes.
I must say, today was a success!
I really liked the first 3 homes.

All of them are really move in ready.
Would really only need to change paint colors...
If I had to pick, house #1 was the best followed by house #3.
House #1's flaw is it is on a busier road.
Pros are it had a fireplace and an open kitchen and living room. Nice sized bedrooms. A wonderful yard and shed.
House #3's flaw is it is located next to an empty (large) field that is zoned commercial and has a weird sized/shaped backyard. Being zoned commericial is scary to me. It would be very difficult to resell a house next to a business.
Pros are it was the largest. Had wonderful closet spaces. Nice quiet location.
House #2 was cute as a button! The home owner must be into HGTV like me. However, that house had an auto shop directly behind it which I think would be hard to resell as well. 

After looking at the houses with my mom and realtor we decided to drive by the house I currently have a contract on.
We noticed something....
The electricity has been turned off - the electrical part on the side of the house was removed from the 'box'. The windows were all closed so we are assuming she is not there. It has been WAY too hot for her to be inside with all the windows closed.
I am assuming she has abandoned the house.
Which means I am also going to assume she is allowing the house to go into foreclosure instead of selling to me.
I called that one!
Sad, but true.
Good thing I have already moved on emotionally from that house.

My mom, being the person she is, stopped the car when we were leaving the neighborhood to talk to a lady outside a few houses down. She acted interested in looking through the windows and was able to get some information.
Sneaky - I know.
Evidently the son moved out about a month ago and she hasn't seen the lady or her car in a few weeks.

Just the information my mom was wanting to know.

I will say, this lady was very nice. She even told us the house next to her was on the market.
(My realtor does not currently see this house listed though.)

I called my realtor to inform him of our findings.
I am hoping he will tell the seller's agent.
Guess I'll have to wait and she what happens now.

Later on in the afternoon my mom and I drove by the 3 houses to check them out from the outside.
Once again she stopped and talked to someone walking along the road.
(I am truly shocked that people are willing to stop and talk to a complete stranger on the street. I think I would be freaked out if this ever happened to me.) 
This lady told my mom she thought the area was nice and safe and that she has lived in her home for 14 years. She even told me the schools the local children go to. If you haven't guessed, my mom asked this lady these questions.
I liked this lady. She even introduced herself at the end of the conversation. Unfortantly, I do not remember her name.

I am not bold enough to stop and talk to someone, but sometimes it is nice to have a mom who is willing to do this.
Mom, please do not get a big head. :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rollercoaster Emotions

Where do I even begin with the emotions I have been having over the last few days...
I have been a bit stressed over the whole house situation. I want this process to be over and done with.... a thing of the past.
I absolutely, positively hate house hunting!
HGTV lies!

Matt and I went and saw 2 houses on Saturday which I had already seen a few weeks ago but liked enough to see a second time.
After taking pictures and writing out pros/cons and what needed to be worked on, I decided on the first house. I wanted to make an offer on that house. Or so I thought at the time.
Maybe I was settling.
Maybe I really liked it.
Attachment is already gone from it.
Amazing how fast the attachment left me. Took me weeks and weeks to get over the other house. Just goes to show you I am learning.

My mom came down yesterday to see the house with me. She didn't like it for various reasons I won't go into since it doesn't matter. Plus, there was standing water underneath the house - never a good thing. The water alone was a deal breaker for me. I am very glad I have a good realtor who checks these things after it has rained.

So I plan on taking some time off from work tomorrow to go see a few more houses with my mom. I think I emailed him 6 I wanted to see. I am hoping one of them meets my criteria and my taste. That would be awesome!

On a side note -
My 3 month contract on the first house is not over until June 5 - 6 which means I cannot make an offer until then (actually after that). So I am asking for a release of contract from her. I had my realtor email it to me yesterday and I signed and returned it to him within the hour. Hopefully she signs and returns it quickly. I am doubtful though. I fear she won't sign it at all. She doesn't even answer her phone so what makes me think this will get done?
Once June comes, even though my contract is expired, I am still technically in contract. At that point it should be easy to get out of since I have proof from mine and her realtor and the lawyer involved. So at least I know I don't have to wait on her forever.

Best case scenario will be that she signs it ASAP. Worst case scenario is she never signs it.
(Her realtor is sending the document to her via certified mail.)
My mom asked my realtor if she would be able to sue me for pulling out of the deal. He said she shouldn't be able to, but you never know since some people sue for any reason these days. I should be fine though. I plan on keeping all my emails to cover my butt just in case.

On a second side note -
I have a funny story my realtor told me about the seller on the house I have a contract on. (The seller's agent told my agent this.)
Evidently her son called her agent and told him he was locked out of the house and could he get the code to the agent's box on the door. He gave it to him and told him to replace the key and re-lock the box. I guess when the agent went to the house a week or so later the key box was opened with no key in it. The seller must have kept the key!
This just goes to tell me she does not want to sell her house and will end up letting the house go into foreclosure.

Have I mentioned I loathe house hunting?

Please pray for me.... pray for GOD to direct me to the right house.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tank Simulator

Did my title capture your interest?
I sure hope it did!
Tanks are magnificent, giant, powerful, and deadly machines!
I imagine you would feel so 'big' driving one of these things for the first time.

Yesterday we had another work team building event which I though would be lame and boring, but turned out to be very insightful and fun.

We went to an actual Army tank simulator!
In fact, we went to the same place where soon to be tankers in the Army go to practice.
I even learned they practice with the simulators for 3 8-hour days before moving onto real tanks.

Before arriving and even after arriving I knew I would not be trying this out. I easily get car sick and ALWAYS get motion sick on virtual motions rides at theme parks and I didn't want to embarrass myself by having that happen. I figured it would be best to just watch my co-workers.
(This is what the machine kind of looked like. I found this picture online - not many options to choose from. Wish I had thought to bring my camera.... I bet you probably weren't allowed to take pictures though.)

When we first got there they warmed up 4 machines and broke us up into groups of 3. In my group T went first while me and L watched. It was very interesting just watching the machine move and our simulator guide guy showed us all the screens and the different obstacles he could dish out such as snow, rain, sand, different times of the day/night, traffic, gun fire, etc. The machine is suppose to show the trainees what is will be like while in an actual tank and they are to learn how to adapt and what to do in each situation. Evidently there are different levels they must master to graduate the course.

After awhile T finished up and a few of the soldiers who were around along with T asked me if I wanted to try it out. I kept saying no at first - then gave in.

I figured I might as well try it out because who knows when and if the opportunity would ever arise again. I didn't want to regret nor trying it when I had the chance right there in front of me. Besides, not everyone can say they have done this before. Nice conversation starter too don't you think?

Nervously, I climbed up the 3 stairs to get to the machine.
To get in the machine I held a bar above the opening, placed my feet where my head would eventually be, and slowly walked/pulled myself inside. Once I were mostly in, I then held onto a bar in front of me to fully make myself seated. At this point you are laying something like this:
Imagine you are in a seat though and your head is at the opening where you came into the machine.

Now I had to move a lever towards my leg and push it back until it locked into place which brought me to an upright position. After placing on my helmet with microphone in it and being told what the buttons did, I was all set to go.

This whole process only took a few minutes. I was a bit amazed at how easy it was. I pictured it being a bit harder. The simulator guide guy told me this is how the tank driver would get into a real tank. The inside of the simulator is also the size of the chamber the tanker would be in as well.
Just being at this point in my experience of the tank gave me an all new respect for tankers.
It is NOT as easy as one would think. A tanker CANNOT be claustrophobic!

Since I knew there was a good chance I would get sick, I asked the simulator guy to give me an easy terrain to practice on. I had seen how much the simulator moved when T did it and I didn't want it to move as much for me.
After driving on the road and on the grass for what seemed a few minutes, I got daring and went over hills and sand pits since 'T' dared me to (he had a headset on and I could hear him as well).
I was told the simulator moved a lot during this. While in the machine it didn't seem like it had moved very much.
I'm not sure how long I was in the machine, probably about 5 minutes or so, when I started to feel hot and a bit ill.
I asked to be done and sure enough he stopped the machine so I could get out.
I thought getting out would be hard, but was feeling to queasey to care. I just wanted out!

Per the guy, I moved the lever back to where it was when I first got in the machine which brought me back to the laying down while sitting position. I then had to hold onto the metal bar above and behind me to pull myself out. I have NO upper body strength, but was somehow able to easily pull myself out. I was even able to walk down the three stairs and get myself to a chair.

I am very proud of myself for trying the machine!
I can now cross it off my list of things to do before I die list.
I don't actually have a list of things to do before I die - maybe I should make one.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pink Is My New Purple (At Least Today)

Since I hadn't heard anything from the law firm in awhile I decided to email them to see if they had heard from the seller.
Here are the emails we had (paraphrased since I am just wanting to sum them up... she didn't write very much though).

Me: Have you all heard from the seller yet?
Paralegal: No, she has not returned any calls.
Me: If you do not hear from her will the home go into foreclosure? Is my contract invalid if that does happen.
Paralegal: Yes.
Then I wrote back asking if there was anything we could do to push this along. She took about 30 minutes to write back and when she finally did, she said they called the seller's agent and he said he would try to get a hold of her.
I had heard this before. I was and am still thinking they will not be able to get in touch with her.
So I thanked her for her time and told her I will be emailing her again next week if I don't hear from her. I actually plan on emailing her on Monday. Like my mom said, I might as well make them work for the money I have been charged.

Then last night while I was busy doing something I heard my phone ring but chose to ignore it. Come to find out it was my realtor calling. The lawyer had called him and the seller's agent. The seller's agent was supposedly going to drive to her house yesterday and if she was home, he was going to get her to call them. I am doubtful of course. If she is avoiding phone calls why would she bother answering the door?

Such drama!

In other "news" - Check out my new bedding!
I actually bought it a few months ago (before Christmas, I think) and have been waiting to use it until I moved into a house and had new sheets to go with it. Obviously I am still in my smoky apartment and no, I have not bought new sheets yet. I just wanted something new in my bedroom. I am a bit sick of looking at purple linens and thought a fresh look would do me some good. (I have had purple for YEARS!)
Matt has a plain green down comforter similar to mine so it's like we are matching! :)

I'm not normally a pink person, but something about this down comforter called my name last time I was home and in Belk. Sure wish I still had my 20% discount. Oh well. Next time I am home I need to see if they have matching sheets - What do you think of dark brown or maybe cream colored?
Too bad we don't have a Belk here. The closest one is in Elizabethtown and that is too far to travel to go to one store.

Let's take one more look at my bed linens (and my cute doggy!).

Did more cleaning today.
Both my bathrooms are cleaned top to bottom now. I sanitized all solid surfaces. I even have all the solid floors in my apartment washed.
Not too shabby!
Such a good feeling to have it all done!

I know it will all need to be done again when I move, but I am hoping it will be much easier (quicker) to clean when that time comes.
All my dishes and clothes are washed and put away too!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dust Bunnies

I have finally started Spring cleaning today.
(If that is what you want to call it.)
I am really good about doing the basics like vacuuming, dusting, dishes, laundry......., but I wanted to do some tougher cleaning that I usually only do a few times a year and would prefer to avoid altogether. I know I should do it now before I do find a house and it is time to move. The more I do now the easier it will be when I move, right? If I am completely honest, this is the only reason I decided to do this right now since I did this not too long ago.

I figured the kitchen was as good as any other place to start.
My game plan was:
Clean refrigerator/freezer
Clean out all cabinets
-Throw away any expired food
-Make donate pile for food I don't want/like
Wipe down (dust) inside of all cabinets

Clean stove
Wash floors
Sanitize all counters and solid surfaces

Didn't take me very long to accomplish most of these items. Once I started, I was done before I knew it. Of course it doesn't hurt that my kitchen is small and I am unable to store everything in it.
I have not cleaned the floors yet. I am going to wait until I clean my bathrooms really good that way I can do all the floors in one day.

Check out my organized cabinets and fridge:

Not perfect, but it is getting there. I was surprised to find some expired food. I didn't think I had anough room for food to hide from me. :)

Next I moved to dusting all my ceiling fans (the WORST chore EVER!).
I always want to do this - I just don't because I don't want dust to be everywhere.
I had read online or in a magazine or who knows where how you should take an old pillow case and collect the dust on the inside when wiping the blades. Good idea, but I don't want to ruin any of my pillow cases. So for now I used a rag, but once I learn to use my sewing machine I want to make a towel 'pillow case'.
Good idea don't you think?
I have some ratty towels I wouldn't mind cutting up so this is the perfect project for me. In fact, I should make it my first project.

Are you impressed I have blogged twice today AND I cleaned?
I am!
Now if I could only motivate myself to exercise!!!

Dove On A Stick

I am suppose to be a decent couponer and I haven't even shared any of my deals with you all in such a long time.
Shame on me!
I also haven't really bought any items for my stockpile even though I said I was going to start - there really hasn't been anything worth buying. Two weeks ago I bought toilet paper from Walgreens and got back $3 in register rewards (did this twice). They were about to expire so I had to use them up and I figured I might as well roll them since I didn't really need anything.

Walgreen's has men's Dove deodorant on sale for $3.99
Buy 1 and receive $3 in register rewards back.

Here's what I did once yesterday and once today.

Deodorant $3.99
-$1 off coupon
Also bought $0.79 filler item to use my $3 RR
Made my total $1.07 for both items after coupon and RR and got back another 3 RR to use on my next visit.
Free deodorant - my favorite price!

Matt likes the Dove brand so I know he will be happy to see I got him some.
(Happy Matt?)
He doesn't like Gillette which is what I tend to buy since I get it free periodically. He keeps hoping the Dove body wash will be free or cheap soon. I am keeping my eyes opened for a good sale. Maybe we will get some in the near future.

Another good item to stock up on right now is Scott's Natural 4-pack of toilet paper.
Wal-Mart sells it for $2.68 and if you go
HERE you can print $1.50 off each 4-pack.
Makes the toilet paper $1.18. Awesome price in my book!
(Mom, I printed this coupon from your laptop when I was at your house- hope you don't mind.)
I looked on eBAY to see if I could purchase some of these coupons, but as of now no one is selling them. I HATE paying a lot of money of toilet paper so I will continue trying to get more of these coupons.

I'll keep you updated on any other good deals I find and purchase. You could always look on the blogs to the right of this page of money saving ideas.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

We had a nice relaxing weekend of shopping and movie watching which was exactly what I needed.
I know - this is all we do every weekend. Matt and I are homebodies to the extreme. It's who we are!

Friday night when Matt got to my house we went to Penn Station Subs for dinner. Only we never got out of the car because once we pulled up I realized I wasn't feeling a sandwich so we drove to Mimi's Café instead. I ate salmon - yummy! I think we are going to buy some next weekend to cook at home. Whole Foods had some good looking fish when we were there this weekend.
Saturday morning we watched 'The Green Hornet'(stupid) and 'No Strings Attached' (cute/predictable) and then hung around the house until 3:30 PM when we finally left to go shopping and church. Service was great this week! I like listening to both the pastor and the assistant pastor at our church, but I think I enjoy the assistant pastor - Kyle the best. Kyle is the one who spoke and it was about how what's in your heart is what affects your behavior. He was saying when you modify your behavior your are only fixing the 'symptoms', not the root cause. Makes sense to me!
After church we did some grocery shopping followed by watching 'Little Fockers' (LOVE IT!). We had seen this movie in theater on Christmas Day and both enjoyed it enough to rent it again. Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro are so funny together!

Sunday we went out to buy newspapers and drove by a few houses. We played Skip-bo; I am a big enough person to admit Matt beat me on every single hand. I was so ashamed of myself - just kidding! LOL!
I have beat Matt TONS of times!
Matt - I WILL beat you next time! Enjoy your victory for now! It WILL be short lived!
He he he!

Speaking of houses - the lawyer emailed all of us involved with the house I am currently under contract for saying she still has not heard from the seller and we cannot proceed until they do. (This email was addressed to the seller's agent.) Meaning basically we are still in the same spot we have been this entire time. My current contract ends on June 5... if we don't hear from her by then, I give up. Not worth it. The seller is dragging her feet and I am sick of it. This is so mean of me to say, but I hope it goes into foreclosure and destroys her credit. Don't judge me! :)

There was one house I had viewed a few weeks ago that I am interested in seeing again.
It is 3 bedrooms/2 bath right around 1100 square feet. It also has a bonus room above the garage that my realtor doesn't think is included in the footage of the house. He said the ceilings must be 7 feet tall in order to qualify - it appears to be 7 feet in the middle of the room, but on the sides, the ceiling slant down. The space would make a nice TV/craft room though. We would need to install some sort of heating and air system which I am sure is another reason the room is not counted in the footage.
The home is not as big as I would like, but good enough for a 3 - 5 year home. I can see it meeting all my basic needs. Would probably be easy to re-sell in the future after I put a little elbow grease into it. For one, I would like to install laminate flooring into the living room, kitchen, and hallway. To me, this always looks clean and opens up a room. I almost forgot to tell you about the yard... It is BIG considering it is in a neighborhood and is even fenced in. It has enough space I could always add a sun room later on for additional space. Plus the home is already mostly newly finished.
Get this - this is the very first house I ever saw! I had seen it back in November when it was a foreclosure. It had scared me back then because the walls had holes, the carpet smelled of cat pee, and the kitchen was fully removed. Too much work for this first time home buyer!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Need To Complain/Whine

If you aren't in the mood to read something that is wrote by a mad/annoyed person (wrote this morning), please do not read this post.
I was NOT in a good mood when I wrote this.
You have been warned.

Last chance to stop reading.

Yesterday when I got off work I noticed I was low on fuel but made the executive decision to push on and go home and fill up tomorrow morning (today). I figured there was no way gas prices would change since I had recently heard on the news it was suppose to go down.
Well guess what?
Those people are big fat liars!
By my house, at least at the 3 gas stations I passed, it is $4.15 a gallon!
This is ridiculous!
Has it ever been this high?
I feel I will soon have to choose between fuel and food.
Okay... maybe I am being a teeny tiny bit dramatic....
Or am I???
Someone needs to get off their butt and do something about this!
Luckily I decided to take the long way to work and get on the interstate to see if it was cheaper at a nearby truck stop - it was.
Thank goodness! But it was still high. 20 cents higher then it was on Sunday evening when I drove by it.
I also heard on the radio station this morning that the median price in Louisville is $4.19 a gallon. ($3.89 for the state though.) I feel bad for the people who are forced to pay that price.
Normally, I would never, ever, ever complain about our President because no matter how much I hate or like that person they are still are country's leader... BUT come on Obama! Do something! You want us to go into a depression?!!?! Somehow I don't think that will help your re-election campaign.

Since I am sure you are sick of hearing me moan on and on about gas prices - let's move on to my job.
I am SO VERY happy to have a job and I LIKE my job!
However, I have one certain co-worker who needs to grow up! She comes into work almost every day at least 30 minutes late and then takes an hour lunch almost every single day when we are only allocated 30 minutes. But that isn’t even what I want to gripe about - I just wanted you to have some background information on her behavior so you could picture her type in your mind.
Right now (at my job) there is a position available that is a pay step above the one we (7 of us) are currently in. Of course Miss Nosey wants to know who applied for it. I however do not think it is any one's business. Why should it matter to her who did or did not apply for the position? So then I hear her telling another one of our co-workers that it is every one's business who applied and it shouldn’t be a secret. OMG! I wanted to yell at her! I just know it isn't worth it though. She is very closed minded and thinks she is always right! I'm sure her comment was directed at me since she said it loud enough and I sit next to her. Again - GROW UP!

And lastly, my poor baby boy has been sick. He does seem to be better though.
(Have I ever mentioned how much I hate my apartment?)
He had diarrhea for almost 2 weeks before I took him to the vet. I am a horrible mommy. In my defense, his diarrhea had stopped for a few days in between. I took him to the vet on Monday to see what was wrong. They tested his poop and found a round worm egg. So they treated that and gave him anti-diarrhea medicine. The good news is his heart murmur is still the same and he is heart worm negative. I felt so bad when they had to poke something up his butt to get poop and when they had to draw blood from him. He was already in so much pain and I hated him being in even more pain.
Monday we just laid on the couch together and watched TV. I didn’t want to sit in my rocking chair in fear it would make him feel worse. I could tell by the evening he was doing better since he was licking my hand which is something he hadn't being doing. His poop still isn't 100% back to normal but I am so happy for the improvement he has already made. He took his last douse of worm medicine this morning and I will keep him on his anti-diarrhea medicine for a few more days and then he should be as good as new. I need to remember to put his Heartguard medicine on tomorrow - I want to wait until I know all his medicine is through him before I apply it.
Well, I guess I am finished with this hump day rant. Two more days until the weekend! Whoo hoo!
I found a cool looking restaurant with a neat history called the 'Pie Kitchen' I am hoping to experience the food this weekend. Click the name of the restaurant to view their website. My mouth is watering over some of these deserts!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

26, But Might As Well Be 34

If you go to you can print several different valuable coupons. One is for $3 off 2 bags.
(Mom, I was able to print this again!)
When you buy 2 bags at Kroger you receive a $3 catalina coupon to use on your next purchase.
To print the coupon you have to fill out some information such as name, address, age...
That's right - age!
I never tell my age - especially when the website asks date of birth. I always use January 1, 1980 since it is very easy to remember and quick to type into the line.

But back to my Splenda and age story... 
So when I was scrolling through the ages to put in 26 or something around 26, my catagory is evidently 24 - 34!
Which means although I am 26, I might as well be 34!
They have got to be kidding!
Splenda representative, if you are reading this, please fix that! Makes me feel bad about myself! Sure, if I was 34 I would be flattered, but I'm NOT!

In house news....
I went and looked at some houses since I have fear that the house I currently have an offer on might not work out as I would like it to. Per the paralegal working on my case (as of 6:32 PM when she last emailed me), the seller still hasn't called anyone back for us to go to the next step.

I would say I half way liked three of the houses seven houses I saw.
You wondering what it means to like a house half way aren't you?
To me, it means it was okay. I could live with it. Plenty of space, but not the layout I was really hoping for. I could see myself being okay with living in one of these homes for a few years; not long-term.
One of the homes I saw is a foreclosure across the street and a few houses down the road from the one I currently have an offer on. It was okay. Price is great! The roof has leaked and damaged the house some. This is a concern. How expensive would it be to repair? Is this a simple repair? Does the house need a new roof? I wouldn't know any of these answers until a home inspection was completed. The layout isn't as smooth as I would like and no garage. It has a great yard and would be very easy to fence in since the neighbors on either side have fenced in backyards. Square footage is also nice - 1300 I believe.
The fact that it is a foreclosure home is scary to me. I feel I have already had my fair share of this. My realtor says the process can be quick but it is sometimes slow. I don't want to sink more money and time into something I might not get. Which, just so you know, I asked and was told I will not get my $500 title search money back if I pull out of the house I have an offer on. So at this point I have spent almost $900 I will never get back. You know what I could have bought with that money? I could have taken a nice long weekend vacation. I am pissed! I want to go to that woman and punch her! I'm not normally a violent person, but I can't help it!
House hunting is NOT fun! No matter what ANYONE tells you!

P.S. Sorry for the grumpy under tone to this blog posting.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Whatcha Watching?

Don't you just love the weekend?
I sure do! Too bad they go by so quickly! But then again, so does the work week. I dread when Monday comes, but before I know it, it is Friday.

Friday evening Matt and I hung out really doing nothing. We did eat some yummy Chick-Fila.
My favorite!
Of course, eating out on Friday night is nothing new for us - LOL!

Saturday I went thrift shopping.
The first Saturday of the month at Goodwill in middle Tennessee always has all items 50% off. (Too bad Kentucky doesn't do this.)
Check out what I got for $6:
Each glass container was $1.99 - so $1 each after discount. I plan on storing items like rice, oats, etc in these. Maybe my future house will have a nice pantry to store all of these items. I need to buy vinyl for my Cricut so I can practice on these before I have my own house and want to Cricut everything in the house from the walls to the front door.
The stool was $2.99 - so $1.50 after discount. It is real wood (I later realized it was from Kids Pottery Barn which for whatever reason seems to be very popular out in blogland). I bought it for work - I have been wanting a stool or something to prop my feet on which I feel will help me while sitting at my desk all day. Now I just need to get rid of the name Nora on it and then maybe paint it. It was cheaper then buying a plastic one at Target and it will be good looking when it is all done.  

That evening Matt and I drove to Waverly, TN to go to the Valley drive-in movie theater.
We hadn't been to this particular movie theater since I moved to Kentucky back in 2009 - crazy it had been that long!
We saw 'Fast Five' and 'The Lincoln Lawyer'. Both were awesome movies which I highly recommend watching.
(Just got done watching 'Race to Witch Mountain' on TBS - also good!)
We parked in the second row and were happy no one parked directly in front of us. (I was nervous that a big truck would park in front of us and then we wouldn't be able to see.) My mom lent us her chairs and radio. We had a nice setup and I didn't have to worry about my car radio draining my car battery from being on. Matt is suppose to be getting us a radio before we go again.
The only bad thing about going to this particular drive-in movie theater is it is almost 60 miles away. Meaning we didn't get home until around 2 AM. Then I wasn't thinking right and gave Matt my copy of my mom's house key to let Toby out while she is out of town for a day and so when I get to the house, I was forced to wake my parents up. (We had left his car at Kroger since he had the big truck and we didn't want my parents blocking his vehicle in while we were gone which would then make us have to move the vehicles around and I didn't want to wake the dogs since I knew they would bark.)
Luckily my parents are very understanding people!

Mom's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mommies out there!
My mom and I enjoyed a nice day today before I had to leave to go home. :)

Love you mom!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Some New Laws Suck

Talked to my realtor yesterday about the house.
No good/new news.
He said he had heard the same information from the law firm about them not being able to get a hold of the seller. I asked him how long she was able to avoid them before action was taken and he said he didn’t know. Evidently the laws have recently changed thanks to Obama and the process is now more drawn out.

Great! (Notice that was sarcastic.)

They have to first give her options on going to a class to see if she can save her house, but my realtor doesn’t think she has any way to save the house if she is not working. She also claims to be in and out of the hospital. Uh huh - I'm sure.
I no longer feel sorry for her. Now she is just getting on my last nerves. I am getting the feeling I will not be getting this house even though I really want it. As of now I have not extended the contract so it will expire June 5. Unless there is significant progress I think I will have to start looking for a new home which is what I told my realtor. At  this point it is probably better to cut my losses and move on.

Wyatt and I drove around yesterday and I have three houses in mind that I want to see. I saw them online and then liked where they were located and how they looked on the outside.
None of them meet all the items on my list, but at this point I really just want a house. As long as it is good for three years I will be happy.
Maybe if a miracle happens the house I currently have an offer on will move quickly and I can still get it. I won't hold my breath though.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hold My Coupons Please

As you know I have decided to start stock piling some items since the price of groceries/toiletries are beginning to raise in price. Obviously step one needs to be to get my coupons organized.
Sunday I went through all my coupons and trashed the ones that were expired. I had A TON that expired on April 30. Made me sad. I hate wasting money (which is essentially what coupons are).
Today I have organized my coupons into my coupon holders.
That's right, I said holders - plural. As in I have 2.
When I first started couponing I had a cheap coupon holder. It didn’t work well and didn't hold many coupons. What I learned from this was to not buy a coupon holder from the Dollar Tree - splurge and spend a little more.
I then moved on to a coupon binder when I was fully immersed into couponing. I loved my coupon binder! I was able to view all my coupons easily. This method is great when you have lots of coupons to organize. It was easy to see what I had and when they expired. It was also nice to be able to break my categories into smaller sections.
Then when I moved here (to Kentucky) I no longer had as many spots to stock my items. No pantry unit. No extra closet. So I stopped stocking as much as I used to do and I moved all my coupons to a new coupon holder.
Now I am upgrading and will be using 2 coupon holders. (My mom gave me her old one)
One for food items and the other for toiletry and paper goods.

Here's my non-food coupon holder:
I think having 2 separate coupon holders will help me stay organized. Maybe soon I will move back to my coupon binder. I wish I had a Harris Teeter grocery store near me. I love when they do there double and triple coupon events.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

90% off = 1 Happy Girl

Perhaps I went overboard with the eggs?


It's Rude Not To Return Messages!

I got an email last week from the lady who works at the law firm who is working on the house I hope to buy. Her update said she was trying to get a hold of the seller for the bank so the bank could move on to the next step after talking to her.
Well great - from my experience the seller is not an easy person to get a hold of since she is probably avoiding all calls from anyone related to this housing sale. Of course this made me a bit sad/depressed/angry/annoyed.
Nothing has been done! I have been waiting since March 5th for the balls to start moving on this short sale and I feel nothing has happened between then and now.
To make matters worse...
I had seen a house online that I wanted to see prior to seeing this one. It too was a short-sale and was 'sold' before I could ever see it. Well now it is back online for sale so I am assuming the people who made an offer on it no longer wanted to wait anymore. It was as if they had put in 3 months of their time and then changed their mind. Not that I blame them. This whole process is so frustrating! You think that is a sign? Probably not, but I keep asking GOD to give me a sign as what to do. You would think Wells Fargo (all banks) would want to get these homes off their books and have a paying homeowner in these houses so they can start making money on them again.
My original contract was for 90 days which is soon to expire. My realtor said I need to sign it back in the next week or so if I want to proceed. He wants me to extend until September 1. I was under the impression I would be signing it back for August 1. I told him I need to think about it. I also told him I would want to sign it back for August 1. He said I was in control of what date we put, but since the lawyer said September 1 he thinks that is what we should put.
Whenever I have a big decision to make I have found it easiest to make a pros and cons list.
So I did just that.

House meets most of my criteria:
-3 bedrooms
-2 full baths
-1 floor
-2 car garage
-Brick exterior
-Fenced in back yard
(has everything I wanted but a basement)
Price is great
Good location

Long Process with an uncooperative seller
I have to pay closing costs
No appliances included
House needs some work
Has not been appraised by bank yet (price could change)

Let me tell you what work the house needs right way:
Needs to be fully painted (current homeowner smokes in house)
Fix backdoor (frame work needs to be re-done)
Floor board underneath master bathroom needs to be fixed
Master bathroom needs new flooring installed
Move gutters away from house to move water from house (causing foundation problems with the house and might need to be worked on in the future)
Reconnect dryer vent under house and remove lint from under house
All 3 bedrooms need new carpet installed
Lower water heater
Fix water faucet in guest bathroom (switch hot and cold)
Air duct under house needs to be lifted from the ground
Nail down loose boards on deck

I would also like to do some other work to the house after some time passes:
New counters in kitchen (they are currently moving away from the wall)
New mailbox
New toilets
Rock in flower beds
Brick in flower beds
Seal back deck
Pain shutters and front door
Remove horseshoes (game) from yard
In a few years it will need:
40-gallon water heater
Air conditioner

It needs A LOT of work! Or maybe it just seems that way.
I need to make a decision SOON!
I really want the house so the only question is am I willing to wait for it.
I did look online at other homes and nothing compares to this one within my budget. Too bad I can’t afford $15,000 more.... I don’t want to be house poor though.

The above is what I wrote yesterday, but didn't post)
(Below happened today)

I emailed the lady from the law firm to follow up on last week's email. I asked her if they had heard from the seller.
You ready for some bad news?
I wasn't. I was hoping for the best.
Evidently the attorney called her again and left a voicemail again. (notice the 2 'agains') She sent an email to the seller's agent as well as mine advising they (the law firm) cannot move forward until the seller calls. She is going to call the seller's agent again.
What a mess!
I was going to call my realtor today, but I think I will wait until tomorrow after I have formulated my questions I want to ask.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Raw Egg + Vinegar = Rubber???

A few weeks ago, me and a few of my co-workers were talking about fun kid crafts.
(Although I don't have any children I am obsessed with looking at kid crafts on blogs so I am an expert know a thing or two about kid crafts. Or so I like to think I do.)

One of my co-workers mentioned how when she used to work at a daycare years ago they tried the old turning an egg to rubber trick.
Are you thinking: WHAT????

I was! I thought for sure she must have said that wrong.
So of course I had to get her to explain better.
Which she did.
So I decided to try it out yesterday morning. And now I will explain to you. Who knows, maybe you will try it out.

For this experiment you will need the following supplies:
Raw Egg
Container With Lid 

To begin, place your raw egg into your contain and completely cover with vinegar.
You will then place the lid securely on and leave it out on your counter for a full 24 hours.
You will notice it bubble up sometimes when you look at it.
I wont lie, I shook it once. 

Once 24 hours have passed,  remove the egg from the container.
Notice the color...
It was rubbery!

My co-worked said it would bounce lightly.
Matt bounced it once in the sink and it broke. 
I never even got to touch the full egg!
I did touch the skin once it was broken. It did feel like a thin balloon.
I was SO disappointed!
Maybe I used too fresh of an egg.
Let me know if you try this experiment. 

In conclusion, this experience was neat to see - not to bounce.

Last week and this week Kroger has on sale Reach toothbrushes and floss $1 each. If you have any coupons now is the time to use them. I did yesterday... my 4 toothbrushes are firm so these will be donated since we like soft and medium. I wasn't sure if they would be $1 this week and I didn't want the coupons to go to waste.
Doesn't Wyatt look like he is smiling? We saw on the news that due to the price of oil and feed all groceries will begin to raise 3 - 4% and meat will raise 8% in price. This got us thinking. I will now go back to stock piling like I used to. Since I have a decent stock pile on certain items I will make sure I only buy at rock bottom prices. (Like I did with the floss and toothbrushes.)
I may not start this week, but next week it is on! :)