Friday, April 22, 2011

What's Cooking

I LOVE when our boss let's us off an hour early!
Whoo hoo!
It makes all the difference in the World!
It means I am home in time to watch 'Everybody Loves Ray' which I am watching right this very moment.

(Matt is on his way here and won't read my blog while here so I think it is safe to post what I have been wanting to post for the past few days)

Usually I go home to my parent's house every holiday to eat good food, relax and do whatever activities are involved. This Easter I have decided to stay home and cook dinner for myself and Matt. My goals are to have a yummy meal, a good movie to watch, and take a nice walk (maybe not due to rain).
I want to have a nice lunch on Sunday followed by ham sandwiches/leftovers for dinner.

My menu (subject to change)
Macaroni and cheese
Roasted white asparagus
Hawaiian bread (Matt's request)
Pineapple cake with a lush topping

Very manageable!
I am so excited to host my first holiday dinner... even if it is just for Matt and myself. I also plan to clear off my kitchen table off so we can eat together and chat instead of eating in front of the television like we normally do. I want to continue my family traditions and make some of my own. This will be my first time ever making a big meal by myself so I really hope it turns out okay.

Maybe I should decorate my table as well. Hmmm.... I need to think this through.

~I want the menu to be a surprise for Matt~
~Shhhh! Please don't tell him!~

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