Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Recap Followed By Egg Garland

Have I ever told you how much I enjoy lazy weekends?
If I have, consider this a reminder.
Matt and I had a great one!
A perfect weekend to help me stop worrying about the events in the news.

Friday we went out to a Chinese buffet to eat crab legs. Not a good experience. Neither one of us were even full when we left this buffet. Shocking, I know. We went there for the sole purpose of eating crab legs. When we first got there they had about 6 small legs on the bar and Matt told me to take them so they would put more out. So I did - and I ate them all without sharing with him.
We waited... and waited... and waited - no new crab legs. Finally I heard a lady customer say something to the cashier who said more were coming soon. Well, she left (which we should have done). About 5 minutes after that they finally placed more on the bar. I went up there geared up to get a plate full for Matt and myself. They barely put any out! To get as many as I would have liked I would have had to take them all. I decided to take about half of them that way other people could have some. I did go and get other items to eat, but nothing tasted good. We have decided we will no longer eat at Chinese buffets - not worth it. Next time we want crab legs we will just pay more money for them.
We rented the movie Unstoppable which was awesome! I was on the edge of my seat practically the whole movie. Of course, Denzel Washington almost always does a wonderful performance. You should rent this one if you have not already seen it.
When I talked to my brother this evening he did not agree with me though.
Saturday we hung out around the house until time for church.
Look what made made us for breakfast with my homemade bread:
After church we did some shopping and went to one of our favorite restaurants - Buckhead's. Whenever we eat there we ALWAYS go onto first to buy our $25 gift certificate. Since they had them 70% off we only paid $6 for it. (For the next 4 days they are 80% off!)
I had ribs and Matt had steak. With the 18% tip we still only paid $22 after our certificate - so the total price was $28 for us but should have cost $47. A bargain! We plan on buying some more certificates to try new restaurants soon.
While out we noticed gas was $0.26 per gallon cheaper over in that area opposed to where I live. It is $3.79 by my house and over there it was $3.53 - can you believe that?
Too crazy!
It is just on the other side of the Louisville!
Sunday we decided to do some walking at Bernheim Forrest.
It is $5 a car load on weekends and holidays and free during the week. We didn't know much about the place nor did we have a map since it was our first time there so we parked at the research center and walked along a few of the paths in that area. When we were leaving we found a paper map to take home and saw there were many other places to park and walk. We will be better prepared next time we go. I had a nice time either way. I imagine it will be even nicer once the trees and flowers start to bloom.
We saw a turtle:

We also saw this neat looking building structure:
 The one on the right was a recycle center and the one on the left held vending machines.
This is the view when looking up inside the neato building that I assume must have been farm property at one point.
 Check out the duck and all the fish in the water!
They had a machine where you could buy fish food for $0.25. Matt has learned well from me and just scrapped food off the side of the machine and had a good pile of food to feed the fish. You could tell they were just waiting for food. Reminds me of my dog when he is waiting for some of my food.
Ha ha ha!
In the research center they had a time capsule!
I wonder what year it was created in?
Made me think about one of my favorite shows - Parks and Recreation. Specifically the episode when they are trying to decided what should go into there town's time capsule.
That show is L O L funny!
 Today I went to work and then completed my craft.
If you have been reading my blog at least for the last month you know I have an egg theme for Easter this year. I had bought several packages of pastel eggs to decorate my home a few weeks ago and I used some in my Easter tree:
 Some to fill my apothecary jars:
Some to make my mini Easter Egg wreath:
Similar to my other one:
 And I had others to make an Easter egg garland:

Well, I had done everything but my garland since I had not bothered looking to see if my eggs had holes in them. The smaller eggs were easy to poke a thumb tack through them - yet the larger eggs were too thick to push a thumb tack through. I also tried sticking a threading needle through them with no luck. I was going to bring them to my mom's house 2 weeks ago to use her drill, but I forgot. Then Matt was suppose to bring a drill this weekend but he forgot.
Matt decided to try and poke holes through them himself yesterday since I was disappointed that I could not finish my project. He tried the thumb tack first followed by a screw.
It worked!
We were able to poke holes into all my eggs.
A few of the eggs cracked and/or had bigger holes then I wanted - didn't matter to me!
I used fishing line (which is the same thing I used for hanging my eggs on my Easter tree the last 3 years) to thread through my eggs.
I couldn't decide where to hang my garland at first.
Since I did not have enough eggs to make a longer strand, or a good place to put my strand, I settled on my bookshelf. It's a good place for me since I can view it while watching TV.

Overall, I am very happy with my outcome!
I had seen egg garland on other blogs over the past few months, but as far as I could tell, I was the first person to do it my way. Most people were doing it too fancy by tying ribbons and other items between the eggs. I wanted mine to be simple. One of the blogs I enjoy reading beat me with the simple egg garland. :(
And to think, I thought I had come up with the idea - guess not.
One day I will have a fire place and my garland will look better draped over my mantel. In the meantime, this will have to do.
Happy Easter Decorating!

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