Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Turn On The Lights!

Boy did it storm here last night!
Wyatt woke me up around 3:30 AM because he needed to go out so I leaned over to turn my lamp on so I could walk out of my room without bumping into anything. I twisted the knob several times but it never came on so I assumed the bulb had died. When I got out of bed I tried to turn my bedroom light on and it wouldn't come on either. This is when I noticed I could not hear my air purifier or the air conditioner running.

My electricity had gone off.


I must have been too tired to notice that even my alarm clock was not lit.
When I took Wyatt out the backdoor it was pouring! If you know him personally you know he hates going out in the rain. He walks extra slow and stops often while in it. He basically makes himself wetter then he would get if he would just hurry and do his business then come back.
I forced him to go poop since this is the only reason he ever wakes me. When he came back in I took him back to bed and petted him a bit and tried to go back to sleep. At 4:30 AM I was still awake and the power was still not on. I started to get concerned about the food in my refrigerator - I had no clue how long power had been off.
Maybe this was why I couldn't sleep??? 
At some point I must have fell asleep because the next thing I know my phone alarm clock was beeping. (Thank goodness I always set 2 alarms!)
Power was back on as well.

On my way to work I saw where someone had cut a tree to remove it from the road. When I looked to the left I saw the reason why I might not have had electricity - a tree had completely brought down a power line. Crazy!

Needless to say I was tired all day at work.
I really just wanted to head back to bed. Maybe I'll go to sleep early tonight. Knowing me, I won't though.

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