Monday, April 18, 2011

Spray Paint Is Amazing!

Did you have a good weekend?
I had a wonderful one!
I went home to Tennessee this weekend after work on Friday to spend time with my family and my Matt.
Friday evening Matt and I hung out a bit... I am always so tired after a long drive and I just want to sleep. I assume it is from all the concentrating I do while driving.
Saturday morning my mom and I went thrift shopping. We went to Goodwill, Salvation Army and a new thrift store in her town. We got some good cheap buys. I love being thrifty!

I bought:
2 glass vases $1.99 each (can never have too many of these)
Wooden wreath $1.99
Silver plated plate $1.49
Ceramic bunny $0.25
So all this for about $9 after taxes.
The 2 vases will hold Easter eggs for now, but I plan on doing something even better with them soon. I just need to place my thinking cap on and figure it out. I would like to find one more larger vase similar in shape and similar price tag. I want to group them together on a coffee table so something. Not sure yet.

The wooden wreath I didn’t really need right this moment. My mom had bought one from Hobby Lobby not very long ago and even at half off it was still $4. I plan on making some sort of spring/summer wreath for my front door out of it. I need to do it soon so my door isn’t naked for long. My mom just bought all the items she needed to make one so hopefully she emails me some pictures once she makes hers. If I like it I will copy her idea. I can't picture what it will look like in my head so I need to see it done first.

I use silver plates to hold the items on my dresser.
Here is what I was using - a cheap-o from the Dollar Tree. I have always loved this look though... seems elegant to me. This is actually my second one since the first one tarnished a few years ago.
This is the rectangular one I bought a few weeks from Goodwill.
This is my new one.
I'm still not sure which one I like best. I guess I could always keep switching them out based on what I want on them.
(Please ignore the tarnished look - I had planned on buying silver polish - however, I refuse to spend almost $6 on it from Meijer.)
I wish the thrift stores by me were better. All the ones I have been to near me are dirty and look/smell gross. I do not enjoy myself when I shop at them. I always read on other people's blogs how they find such wonderful deals. Maybe once I actually move into a house I will need to suck it up and just go to them. Once you start thrift shopping, it is too hard to go back to paying retail. In fact, I haven't bought anything from my Target (my FAVORITE) in such a long time! I'll be there soon though - once Easter items are mark down to 75% off. I can hardly wait! Not that I need anything of course. I am hoping to find some items I can use with a Spring/Summer decor.
Saturday afternoon Matt and I did a little shopping (bought some spatulas I was desperately wanting/needing), rented a movie (127 Hours - didn't enjoy) and played Skip-bo. Skip-bo is one of my all time favorite games (after UNO)! I don't think he liked it as much as I do, but I think that is because it is new to him (and I beat him both times). Once he practices he will be better and might be able to beat me. Maybe I will be able to talk him into playing with me this weekend. Hmmm....
Sunday after church my mom and I did some crafting.
Since certain people complain I don't blog enough I have decided to break those posts up - so stay tuned.
I will tell you we did some spray painting!
I'm not so good - yet. I was a little heavy on the spraying. However, yesterday was really my first time spray painting anything. I had tried to spray paint a foam wreath a few months ago, but the paint just ate through the foam so I cannot tell you how my experience was from that. Let's just count yesterday as my first attempt.
I had this ugly brass lamp that was given to me years ago. I did use it at first since it was functional but as some point I stopped using it and it has just been boxed up for years. My mom suggested we spray paint it.
Very happy we did!
I forgot to take a before picture. Sorry. :(
Just picture an ugly brass color on the lamp.
Before painting the lamp I removed the glass and light bulb. I taped up the electrical parts and wrapped the cord in a grocery bag.
I want to say we painted 2 coats on it, but it might have been 3. We did not prime it.
It looks great!
I have decided to place it in my kitchen above my sink. The lamp that was there was not a good fit (literally) since the lamp shade did not have enough room to sit evenly.
(Ignore all the extra clutter)

What a difference right?

I'm going to leave you with 2 last images...
My mom cooked my lunch on Sunday and I can assure you it was YUMMY!


  1. The lamp looks fantastic! Oh, and by the way, how cute are you to recreate 3 times the look on the silver trays! I love you! ~Mom

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