Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away...

I can see the sun shining!
This is wonderful for us along the Ohio River!
Whoo hoo!
Thank GOD!
Assuming you haven't been laying around with your head under a rock then you know how devastating these storms have been for us Southern states (Does Kentucky count as Southern???). We have had record amounts of rain which has made all our bodies of water rise and start to ruin homes and land. That last time this happened was in 1997, but they thought it would get as bad as the floods in 1937.
We are suppose to be getting a few nice days followed by more rain so hopefully the sun will suck up some of this water before then.
It will be nice not to have to drive in the rain, watch for tornado warnings, and no longer have to force my dog to poop! Wyatt hates getting his feet wet! He will walk extra slow to the point where I have to drag him and then refuse to poop even though you can tell he needs to go.

Once it dries up I will be able to drive to work on my usual route - right now one of the roads I take is flooded so I have been having to go a different way which is about 5 miles and 10 minutes longer.

I live near one of the smaller rivers and decided to take some pictures:
You can see how close the water is to the road. It is usually MUCH further down!
The water should be on the OTHER side of the trees that are almost completely covered by the water.
Please note I took these pictures a few days ago (I think on Thursday) and have been a slacker who didn't post them. I figured since Matt was still asleep right now this was a good time to post. By Thursday evening, the water was in the street. Yesterday the sun was out and the water is no longer on the street. I am hoping all the water in the area continues to lower. Sadly, we are expecting more rain come Sunday. 

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