Thursday, April 7, 2011

House Inspector Enters The Scene

Had the home inspection...
It started off horrible, moved to annoying and then got better.
When G and I arrived at the house my realtor and the inspector were already there outside in their cars. We got out of my car to talk to my realtor who said the inspector got there before him and tried to enter the home. The seller's son answered the door and claimed him and his mother knew nothing about the inspection.

Can you see why this started off horrible?

The son told the inspector he would wake his mother and have her dressed and clean the house so we could enter and then he evidently left.
My realtor called her realtor who claims he did tell her about the inspection with plenty of time to prepare for it. I do believe this - I have no reason not to believe it.
For thirty minutes the inspector looked around, under, and above the house. he showed me the electrical box and even explained a few things to me. The termite guy came and looked for bugs under the house - he saw no termites!
At this point, it was time to go inside the home. All 5 of us went to the front door and the inspector knocked, rang the door bell, and yelled in the open window to get the seller's attention for about 10 minutes while we stood there giving her time to answer the door. 

As you can imagine I was upset.
Getting madder and madder as the minutes ticked away.
I was paying almost $300 for a home inspection on a house we couldn't even get in!

Finally the inspector unlocked the key from the door lock and let us in. (I think he was few up with the situation as well.) The seller had locked herself in a bedroom. The inspector yelled to her that we will need to get in that room at some point so she needed to cover up. (He went in there last.)  Do you think she replied to him? Of course not!
How rude is she that she couldn't even answer the door or come outside and tell us we could come in? She shouldn't have been there in the first place!
I'm sure she will be hard to move out of this house.

I thought I was going to have a meltdown but I tried to stay positive and made sure I appeared okay on the outside....
Inside I was screaming!
I understand it is hard to lose your home - but come on! I am helping her by buying the house (hopefully) quickly so she doesn't go into foreclosure which will ruin her credit.

She has been nothing but difficult up to this point so it is getting harder and harder for me to feel sorry for her. All I am starting to feel towards her is anger. I can assure you if this house does not work out I will not look at another short sale house. It is simply not worth all the aggravation and waiting.

The inspection went as I knew it would.
He checked everything.
I walked around the house with him while he explained the issues of the house with me. I took notes and some pictures so I would not forget. I also got paperwork of what is wrong with the house.

Overall, the house is in satisfactory shape. A few items will need to be addressed immediately and others can be fixed once I am in the home and have the money.
I think many of the things that needs to be corrected are things we can do. At least this is what I am hoping.

I decided to continue on with the purchasing of the home. After a talk with G I have decided I will not pay anything extra for the house. It needs about $10,000 worth of work and updates which I will be sure to point out if they do try to sell the house for a higher price then I have agreed to pay.
It will be a lot of work, but if I can make it through this process I know I can get through any home remodeling that needs to be done. In fact, I cannot wait to get to work on the house!

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