Friday, April 29, 2011

75% off Easter Clearance

Target is THE store for clearance... at least in my opinion.
Matt and I went shopping at 5 Targets today and check out my loot:
All Easter items were 75% off. For the Easter items I spent less then $12.

The giraffe garbage can was 50% off. I had been eyeballing it for the past few weeks - at the last Target we went to they had one left - total cost $1.25.
I plan on putting the garbage can and the stuffed animal on my desk at work.
Even though the stuffed animal is a lamb, don't you think he kinda looks like Wyatt?
That's what we think anyways.
This chocolate bunny will fit in nicely with my other bunny.
I have a plan...

At one of the Target's we saw 'Everybody Loves Raymond' box set DVDs $16.99 for 2 seasons. (They have been $19.99 for 2 seasons at Target and $19.99 per season at Wal-Mart.) Matt says he is sick of me complaining about TBS moving the show from 5 - 6 PM to 4 - 5 PM which means I cannot watch it since I am not home. Evidently I complain all the time about it! He thinks 4 seasons will shut me up for a bit. We will see wont we?

My previous opinion has been that all Kentucky Goodwill stores are gross (trust me) until we went to the one in Middletown today. It was a decent store. I was sad I didn't find anything to buy (and paint). On our way to the door I saw a box of printer ink and thought I should look. And good thing I did! I got 3 printer cartridges for my printer for $4.50 plus tax!
I was planning on buying printer ink either way. In fact, Matt and I had just discussed this! Too crazy!

I'm tired so I will leave you with 2 last adorable pictures:

Good night!

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