Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away...

I can see the sun shining!
This is wonderful for us along the Ohio River!
Whoo hoo!
Thank GOD!
Assuming you haven't been laying around with your head under a rock then you know how devastating these storms have been for us Southern states (Does Kentucky count as Southern???). We have had record amounts of rain which has made all our bodies of water rise and start to ruin homes and land. That last time this happened was in 1997, but they thought it would get as bad as the floods in 1937.
We are suppose to be getting a few nice days followed by more rain so hopefully the sun will suck up some of this water before then.
It will be nice not to have to drive in the rain, watch for tornado warnings, and no longer have to force my dog to poop! Wyatt hates getting his feet wet! He will walk extra slow to the point where I have to drag him and then refuse to poop even though you can tell he needs to go.

Once it dries up I will be able to drive to work on my usual route - right now one of the roads I take is flooded so I have been having to go a different way which is about 5 miles and 10 minutes longer.

I live near one of the smaller rivers and decided to take some pictures:
You can see how close the water is to the road. It is usually MUCH further down!
The water should be on the OTHER side of the trees that are almost completely covered by the water.
Please note I took these pictures a few days ago (I think on Thursday) and have been a slacker who didn't post them. I figured since Matt was still asleep right now this was a good time to post. By Thursday evening, the water was in the street. Yesterday the sun was out and the water is no longer on the street. I am hoping all the water in the area continues to lower. Sadly, we are expecting more rain come Sunday. 

Friday, April 29, 2011

75% off Easter Clearance

Target is THE store for clearance... at least in my opinion.
Matt and I went shopping at 5 Targets today and check out my loot:
All Easter items were 75% off. For the Easter items I spent less then $12.

The giraffe garbage can was 50% off. I had been eyeballing it for the past few weeks - at the last Target we went to they had one left - total cost $1.25.
I plan on putting the garbage can and the stuffed animal on my desk at work.
Even though the stuffed animal is a lamb, don't you think he kinda looks like Wyatt?
That's what we think anyways.
This chocolate bunny will fit in nicely with my other bunny.
I have a plan...

At one of the Target's we saw 'Everybody Loves Raymond' box set DVDs $16.99 for 2 seasons. (They have been $19.99 for 2 seasons at Target and $19.99 per season at Wal-Mart.) Matt says he is sick of me complaining about TBS moving the show from 5 - 6 PM to 4 - 5 PM which means I cannot watch it since I am not home. Evidently I complain all the time about it! He thinks 4 seasons will shut me up for a bit. We will see wont we?

My previous opinion has been that all Kentucky Goodwill stores are gross (trust me) until we went to the one in Middletown today. It was a decent store. I was sad I didn't find anything to buy (and paint). On our way to the door I saw a box of printer ink and thought I should look. And good thing I did! I got 3 printer cartridges for my printer for $4.50 plus tax!
I was planning on buying printer ink either way. In fact, Matt and I had just discussed this! Too crazy!

I'm tired so I will leave you with 2 last adorable pictures:

Good night!

Friday, April 22, 2011

What's Cooking

I LOVE when our boss let's us off an hour early!
Whoo hoo!
It makes all the difference in the World!
It means I am home in time to watch 'Everybody Loves Ray' which I am watching right this very moment.

(Matt is on his way here and won't read my blog while here so I think it is safe to post what I have been wanting to post for the past few days)

Usually I go home to my parent's house every holiday to eat good food, relax and do whatever activities are involved. This Easter I have decided to stay home and cook dinner for myself and Matt. My goals are to have a yummy meal, a good movie to watch, and take a nice walk (maybe not due to rain).
I want to have a nice lunch on Sunday followed by ham sandwiches/leftovers for dinner.

My menu (subject to change)
Macaroni and cheese
Roasted white asparagus
Hawaiian bread (Matt's request)
Pineapple cake with a lush topping

Very manageable!
I am so excited to host my first holiday dinner... even if it is just for Matt and myself. I also plan to clear off my kitchen table off so we can eat together and chat instead of eating in front of the television like we normally do. I want to continue my family traditions and make some of my own. This will be my first time ever making a big meal by myself so I really hope it turns out okay.

Maybe I should decorate my table as well. Hmmm.... I need to think this through.

~I want the menu to be a surprise for Matt~
~Shhhh! Please don't tell him!~

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bunnies Taste Better In Chocolate

Last weekend when my mom and I went thrift shopping I knew I wanted to find a 'Easter' bunny to paint. I had seen on a few blogs how people were finding them really cheap and then painting them white. Yes, that is a good idea, but I thought I could do better than that. I wanted them to look like candy!

Here are my steps to having your very own chocolate bunny:

Step 1 - Find an inexpensive bunny you are willing to paint.
I found a cute bunny for $0.25. I knew this was a good deal and that his shaped was defined well enough that I would not have to have any other colors except brown on him. Plus, if I messed up I wouldn't be mad about wasting money. I myself would not pay more than a dollar for my bunny.

Step 2 - Remove all stickers and gunk.
I used Goo B Gone which worked really well. And let me tell you - this poor little bunny had all sorts of sticker gunk on him. He must have been for sale for a long time. So sad he couldn't find himself a good home. :(

Step 3 - Prime bunny.
I gave my bunny 2 coats of primer since his surface was shiny and my first coat didn't fully cover him.
This is the first picture you will see of my bunny. Sorry I didn't take a picture of him before priming him. I am a slacker. Just know I wasn't very sure if the paint would adhere to him without using primer. Bubbly paint is NOT the look you want!

Step 4 - Spray paint 2 coats (or 5) of desired color.
I choose a chocolate brown color which is actually called leather brown and is a gloss. I wanted an espresso color but feel this color worked out even better. I wanted my bunny to be good enough to eat - to the point where your mouth watered.
Did I accomplish that look?
I hope so!
Maybe I can trick someone into thinking it is real.
I want another one or two so I can group them together next Easter. I'm sure I'll accomplish this by next year. If not I suppose I can always use a real chocolate bunny - although he might be missing an ear.

Side note:
I had issues with my spray paint. To be honest I should say I myself had issues. I ended up doing 4 or 5 coats of paint. My first 2 didn't fully paint the bottom of my bunny so I turned him over and painted the bottom. While he was drying on his side upside down he stuck to the card board which meant I had to do another coat on top. Poor guy had cardboard 'lint' on him. Made him NOT look good enough to eat! After the third coat he looked a little uneven and I felt he needed one more coat. Then I thought he was done. I was wrong. The tip of one of his ears still showed white. I think if you know how to properly use spray paint you can get this done in a lot less coats then I did.

Step 5 - Find the best spot for your chocolate bunny.

I took a bunch of pictures of the final outcome - notice the difference in his coloring depending on whether or not I used the flash.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chalkboard In A Can?

(Ignore my sloppy handwriting.)

One of the crafts my mom and I did this past Sunday was to make a chalkboard.
I am loving chalk boards right now!
So functional and creative don't ya think?
Everyone who is anyone in blogland are making these cute things! You might as well jump on the band wagon as well.
We were going to make them MONTHS ago but the paint was kind of pricey and we didn't have a 40% off coupon while at Hobby Lobby (every time we went!). Saturday we did have a coupon and we bought the paint. It retails for $7.99 so make sure you have a coupon. I think it costs even more at Wal-Mart if I am remembering correctly.
The paint says you can use it on virtually anything! How awesome is that? I will have to try this theory out one day.
My mom had some old framed pictures so we removed the pictures and matting - I washed and dried the glass and then we were ready to go. Notice I said glass. Yep, that's right... we did our chalkboard directly onto glass. No primer used and no glass sanded. Have I captured your interest?
 Spray back and forth, back and forth.
The spray paint can said you only had to do 2 coats - we did 3.
The paint dried very quickly which surprised me. I didn't think I would be able to take my chalkboard home. (I later read online it only takes 15 minutes per coat to dry and 3 hours to fully dry with 2 coats on.) The directions said to wait a full 24 hours prior to using the chalkboard. So I patiently waited. I went and bought chalk yesterday and now I am good to go. Speaking of chalk - it is much harder to find then I thought it would be. Let me take that back - I should say it is hard to find non-sidewalk chalk. I ended up buying skinny side-walk chalk. Not exactly what I wanted, but I think it will work.
On a side note, if you are in the market for chalk I found sidewalk chalk at the Dollar Tree (the fat sticks) and a whole section at Meijer (all sorts of colors and sizes).
Now that I have my chalk (it says to only use calcium carbonate - not sure what I have), I did as the directions on the spray can said to do - I laid a piece of chalk on its side and colored the entire surface. Then I wiped it off. I'm not sure why I had to do this step, but I figured I might as well do everything correctly.
 I was going to use the mini paint roller as an eraser but it did not work as well as I thought it would. I ended up using a washcloth. It didn't do the job good enough so I applied a few drops of water to it and then it worked like magic!
I have decided the kitchen is the best place for mine at the moment. I plan on using it for notes and my dinner menu. I'll have room for it once I remove all my Easter decorations.
I want an even larger one so I can write out my dinner menu. How fun right? I wish I had a spot on the wall to hang it - that's okay though. I will go to the Dollar Tree this weekend and buy it an easel to rest on. When I have my house I'll be sure to make room for it.
Who ever thought of chalk board in a can is a genius!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Spray Paint Is Amazing!

Did you have a good weekend?
I had a wonderful one!
I went home to Tennessee this weekend after work on Friday to spend time with my family and my Matt.
Friday evening Matt and I hung out a bit... I am always so tired after a long drive and I just want to sleep. I assume it is from all the concentrating I do while driving.
Saturday morning my mom and I went thrift shopping. We went to Goodwill, Salvation Army and a new thrift store in her town. We got some good cheap buys. I love being thrifty!

I bought:
2 glass vases $1.99 each (can never have too many of these)
Wooden wreath $1.99
Silver plated plate $1.49
Ceramic bunny $0.25
So all this for about $9 after taxes.
The 2 vases will hold Easter eggs for now, but I plan on doing something even better with them soon. I just need to place my thinking cap on and figure it out. I would like to find one more larger vase similar in shape and similar price tag. I want to group them together on a coffee table so something. Not sure yet.

The wooden wreath I didn’t really need right this moment. My mom had bought one from Hobby Lobby not very long ago and even at half off it was still $4. I plan on making some sort of spring/summer wreath for my front door out of it. I need to do it soon so my door isn’t naked for long. My mom just bought all the items she needed to make one so hopefully she emails me some pictures once she makes hers. If I like it I will copy her idea. I can't picture what it will look like in my head so I need to see it done first.

I use silver plates to hold the items on my dresser.
Here is what I was using - a cheap-o from the Dollar Tree. I have always loved this look though... seems elegant to me. This is actually my second one since the first one tarnished a few years ago.
This is the rectangular one I bought a few weeks from Goodwill.
This is my new one.
I'm still not sure which one I like best. I guess I could always keep switching them out based on what I want on them.
(Please ignore the tarnished look - I had planned on buying silver polish - however, I refuse to spend almost $6 on it from Meijer.)
I wish the thrift stores by me were better. All the ones I have been to near me are dirty and look/smell gross. I do not enjoy myself when I shop at them. I always read on other people's blogs how they find such wonderful deals. Maybe once I actually move into a house I will need to suck it up and just go to them. Once you start thrift shopping, it is too hard to go back to paying retail. In fact, I haven't bought anything from my Target (my FAVORITE) in such a long time! I'll be there soon though - once Easter items are mark down to 75% off. I can hardly wait! Not that I need anything of course. I am hoping to find some items I can use with a Spring/Summer decor.
Saturday afternoon Matt and I did a little shopping (bought some spatulas I was desperately wanting/needing), rented a movie (127 Hours - didn't enjoy) and played Skip-bo. Skip-bo is one of my all time favorite games (after UNO)! I don't think he liked it as much as I do, but I think that is because it is new to him (and I beat him both times). Once he practices he will be better and might be able to beat me. Maybe I will be able to talk him into playing with me this weekend. Hmmm....
Sunday after church my mom and I did some crafting.
Since certain people complain I don't blog enough I have decided to break those posts up - so stay tuned.
I will tell you we did some spray painting!
I'm not so good - yet. I was a little heavy on the spraying. However, yesterday was really my first time spray painting anything. I had tried to spray paint a foam wreath a few months ago, but the paint just ate through the foam so I cannot tell you how my experience was from that. Let's just count yesterday as my first attempt.
I had this ugly brass lamp that was given to me years ago. I did use it at first since it was functional but as some point I stopped using it and it has just been boxed up for years. My mom suggested we spray paint it.
Very happy we did!
I forgot to take a before picture. Sorry. :(
Just picture an ugly brass color on the lamp.
Before painting the lamp I removed the glass and light bulb. I taped up the electrical parts and wrapped the cord in a grocery bag.
I want to say we painted 2 coats on it, but it might have been 3. We did not prime it.
It looks great!
I have decided to place it in my kitchen above my sink. The lamp that was there was not a good fit (literally) since the lamp shade did not have enough room to sit evenly.
(Ignore all the extra clutter)

What a difference right?

I'm going to leave you with 2 last images...
My mom cooked my lunch on Sunday and I can assure you it was YUMMY!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Turn On The Lights!

Boy did it storm here last night!
Wyatt woke me up around 3:30 AM because he needed to go out so I leaned over to turn my lamp on so I could walk out of my room without bumping into anything. I twisted the knob several times but it never came on so I assumed the bulb had died. When I got out of bed I tried to turn my bedroom light on and it wouldn't come on either. This is when I noticed I could not hear my air purifier or the air conditioner running.

My electricity had gone off.


I must have been too tired to notice that even my alarm clock was not lit.
When I took Wyatt out the backdoor it was pouring! If you know him personally you know he hates going out in the rain. He walks extra slow and stops often while in it. He basically makes himself wetter then he would get if he would just hurry and do his business then come back.
I forced him to go poop since this is the only reason he ever wakes me. When he came back in I took him back to bed and petted him a bit and tried to go back to sleep. At 4:30 AM I was still awake and the power was still not on. I started to get concerned about the food in my refrigerator - I had no clue how long power had been off.
Maybe this was why I couldn't sleep??? 
At some point I must have fell asleep because the next thing I know my phone alarm clock was beeping. (Thank goodness I always set 2 alarms!)
Power was back on as well.

On my way to work I saw where someone had cut a tree to remove it from the road. When I looked to the left I saw the reason why I might not have had electricity - a tree had completely brought down a power line. Crazy!

Needless to say I was tired all day at work.
I really just wanted to head back to bed. Maybe I'll go to sleep early tonight. Knowing me, I won't though.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Recap Followed By Egg Garland

Have I ever told you how much I enjoy lazy weekends?
If I have, consider this a reminder.
Matt and I had a great one!
A perfect weekend to help me stop worrying about the events in the news.

Friday we went out to a Chinese buffet to eat crab legs. Not a good experience. Neither one of us were even full when we left this buffet. Shocking, I know. We went there for the sole purpose of eating crab legs. When we first got there they had about 6 small legs on the bar and Matt told me to take them so they would put more out. So I did - and I ate them all without sharing with him.
We waited... and waited... and waited - no new crab legs. Finally I heard a lady customer say something to the cashier who said more were coming soon. Well, she left (which we should have done). About 5 minutes after that they finally placed more on the bar. I went up there geared up to get a plate full for Matt and myself. They barely put any out! To get as many as I would have liked I would have had to take them all. I decided to take about half of them that way other people could have some. I did go and get other items to eat, but nothing tasted good. We have decided we will no longer eat at Chinese buffets - not worth it. Next time we want crab legs we will just pay more money for them.
We rented the movie Unstoppable which was awesome! I was on the edge of my seat practically the whole movie. Of course, Denzel Washington almost always does a wonderful performance. You should rent this one if you have not already seen it.
When I talked to my brother this evening he did not agree with me though.
Saturday we hung out around the house until time for church.
Look what made made us for breakfast with my homemade bread:
After church we did some shopping and went to one of our favorite restaurants - Buckhead's. Whenever we eat there we ALWAYS go onto first to buy our $25 gift certificate. Since they had them 70% off we only paid $6 for it. (For the next 4 days they are 80% off!)
I had ribs and Matt had steak. With the 18% tip we still only paid $22 after our certificate - so the total price was $28 for us but should have cost $47. A bargain! We plan on buying some more certificates to try new restaurants soon.
While out we noticed gas was $0.26 per gallon cheaper over in that area opposed to where I live. It is $3.79 by my house and over there it was $3.53 - can you believe that?
Too crazy!
It is just on the other side of the Louisville!
Sunday we decided to do some walking at Bernheim Forrest.
It is $5 a car load on weekends and holidays and free during the week. We didn't know much about the place nor did we have a map since it was our first time there so we parked at the research center and walked along a few of the paths in that area. When we were leaving we found a paper map to take home and saw there were many other places to park and walk. We will be better prepared next time we go. I had a nice time either way. I imagine it will be even nicer once the trees and flowers start to bloom.
We saw a turtle:

We also saw this neat looking building structure:
 The one on the right was a recycle center and the one on the left held vending machines.
This is the view when looking up inside the neato building that I assume must have been farm property at one point.
 Check out the duck and all the fish in the water!
They had a machine where you could buy fish food for $0.25. Matt has learned well from me and just scrapped food off the side of the machine and had a good pile of food to feed the fish. You could tell they were just waiting for food. Reminds me of my dog when he is waiting for some of my food.
Ha ha ha!
In the research center they had a time capsule!
I wonder what year it was created in?
Made me think about one of my favorite shows - Parks and Recreation. Specifically the episode when they are trying to decided what should go into there town's time capsule.
That show is L O L funny!
 Today I went to work and then completed my craft.
If you have been reading my blog at least for the last month you know I have an egg theme for Easter this year. I had bought several packages of pastel eggs to decorate my home a few weeks ago and I used some in my Easter tree:
 Some to fill my apothecary jars:
Some to make my mini Easter Egg wreath:
Similar to my other one:
 And I had others to make an Easter egg garland:

Well, I had done everything but my garland since I had not bothered looking to see if my eggs had holes in them. The smaller eggs were easy to poke a thumb tack through them - yet the larger eggs were too thick to push a thumb tack through. I also tried sticking a threading needle through them with no luck. I was going to bring them to my mom's house 2 weeks ago to use her drill, but I forgot. Then Matt was suppose to bring a drill this weekend but he forgot.
Matt decided to try and poke holes through them himself yesterday since I was disappointed that I could not finish my project. He tried the thumb tack first followed by a screw.
It worked!
We were able to poke holes into all my eggs.
A few of the eggs cracked and/or had bigger holes then I wanted - didn't matter to me!
I used fishing line (which is the same thing I used for hanging my eggs on my Easter tree the last 3 years) to thread through my eggs.
I couldn't decide where to hang my garland at first.
Since I did not have enough eggs to make a longer strand, or a good place to put my strand, I settled on my bookshelf. It's a good place for me since I can view it while watching TV.

Overall, I am very happy with my outcome!
I had seen egg garland on other blogs over the past few months, but as far as I could tell, I was the first person to do it my way. Most people were doing it too fancy by tying ribbons and other items between the eggs. I wanted mine to be simple. One of the blogs I enjoy reading beat me with the simple egg garland. :(
And to think, I thought I had come up with the idea - guess not.
One day I will have a fire place and my garland will look better draped over my mantel. In the meantime, this will have to do.
Happy Easter Decorating!