Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Success For Now

The inspection people have sent me a conformation email that my home inspection has been scheduled!
This is great news since I truly thought we would have issues with the current home owner allowing us to enter her home. (She still lives in the house.) As I previously stated, we had a difficult time seeing it both time I scheduled showings – she kept cancelling on me.
Now that I have had more time to reflect on everything that has happened over the last 24 hours I can say I am feeling good about everything. I feel everything is right on track. This will be somewhat of an uphill battle but I know it will be worth it when it is done. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger right? I just pray I can close before August 1 – I am sick of living in an apartment.
Here are my stepping stones aka checklist of items that I needed/need to accomplish:

Step 1 – Get lending approval
The first lender I wanted to go through (my bank) was not very helpful and only approved me based on doing two separate loans – one for 80% and the other for 20%. Not the route for me! I wanted to only have one loan which makes sense to me. Why would I want to pay two mortgages? Thankfully the first realtor I worked with recommend the company/guy I am now using. I am having a good experience with this company/guy. He always calls me back and is very calm when answering all my questions.
Step 2 – Find a GREAT realtor
My first realtor did not work out. I did not like his attitude – everything I said negative about a house he tried to make a
positive spin. Not the guy for me! My second and current realtor was recommended to me by a co-worker. I absolutely trust him! I feel this is extremely important since he is the one representing me. This is the best advice I could give anyone – “Make sure you can trust your realtor”.
Step 3 – Look at a bunch of houses
In the end, I have toured 25 houses and have view probably 100 – 200 online. When I found a house I liked I took my mom’s advice and looked at the crime rates in the neighborhood. I also drove around the neighborhood a few times a day during different hours of the day.
Step 4 – Find a house I LOVE!
I knew instantly when I walked in this house that it was the one for me. It has most of the items on my list I was looking for. Originally I thought I wanted a 5 year house, but I can see myself in this one for longer.
Step 5 – Introduce family/Matt to house
After I fell in love with the house I wanted my mom and Matt to see it. Whether they liked it or not I knew I would be making an offer on it. Fortunately, they could both see me in this house as well.
Step 6 – Make offer
 I won’t lie… I was nervous while signing the paperwork. I did it immediately after seeing the house a second time since I
did not want to give anyone else a chance to make a higher offer then me.
Step 7 – Seller accepts offer
I offered full asking price, agreed to pay closing costs, and asked for all kitchen appliances. I felt I was being more then accommodating. She signed it back that she wanted to keep her fridge and stove. I agreed to the terms but wish I could have kept them. In the end I felt it was not worth losing a house over $1500 worth of appliances. 
Step 8 – Bank accepts offer
Not at step 8… right now my steps have been altered.
See below for steps to get to step 8:
a.        Meet law firm who is now handling deal – seems to be a good thing.
b.        Schedule home inspection – Done!
c.        Get home inspection – Soon to be done.
d.        Get termite inspection – Also soon to be done.
e.        Pass (with flying colors) both inspections – Fingers crossed.
f.         Give inspection outcomes to law firm
g.        Wait and wait and wait.
Step 9 – Accepted!

I would continue on with my steps/check list, but I have a feeling there will be more bumps along the way that will change it. Plus, it is easier to handle lists in smaller amounts. And I know I still have a long way to go before the sale closes (if we make it that far).  Before I even started with step 1 I made sure this was something I really wanted to do. For me, I know I will be living in this area for a long time and it just makes sense to pay a mortgage opposed to rent. I made a list of
everything a house had to have and what I wanted it to have in order for me to be happy with it. I also looked online at calculators to know ballpark amounts what I could afford. In other words, I made sure I was as prepared as possible before starting anything.

Oh, I forgot to tell you one of the perks of dealing with a law firm which is I will receive weekly email updates on what is going on with the house. I like that! In fact, the lady has already emailed me today to introduce herself. I think the weekly emails will help me not lose my mind along the way.

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  1. Woo Hoo! A little bit closer to getting the rest of your things out of the house and garage! Oh, it's just too much to dream about.... I love you, Jess!