Tuesday, March 29, 2011

THE Lawyer (Notice the Capital Letters)

I got a phone call from my realtor on Friday. Evidently we were making an appointment to sit down with a law firm about the house I placed an offer on.
Whoo hoo!
I assume this appointment was set up by the seller's bank, but all I know is the seller's realtor pushed for it. My realtor thinks this is a good thing. He said he asked around his office to see if anyone else has had a law firm step in so early on and no one had. Wonder why I am getting one??? My mom thinks maybe the seller's realtor is trying to push the sale to get his commission. Could be. As long as this goes quickly and smoothly I don't care how we get there.

So we made the appointment for today. We were suppose to be meeting with one of the paralegals, but we ended up getting one of the actual lawyers. How exciting, right? I thought it was! I was very impressed. Even more impressed when I read the paper I was signing that said if I wanted any additional legal advice or etc that they change $175 an hour. No wonder lawyers are so rich! I think I chose the wrong profession! Just joking!
Lucky for me my realtor has been doing this for a really long time and knows everyone and everything because he has even done business with this particular law firm which leads me to believe that is why we got the actual lawyer. While in the room with the lawyer the other partner came in to say hi to my realtor. He's like a famous person I swear! :)
According to the lawyer, the house is mine as long as I am willing to wait the wait and pay the price. He kept saying I have practically bought this house. I don't agree - I want the signed contract and keys before I start thinking like that.
No, the price is not set in stone for the price I offered. The house hasn't even been appraised yet.
It seems we were mislead on how far along this process is. In fact, the lawyer doesn't seem to think this will be quick at all.

As of now, we are looking at August 1 as a closing date. The lawyer said this doesn't mean this will be my actual closing date - this is just a date we are requesting. Could be sooner or later who knows - hopefully sooner. I was discouraged at first when he was telling me this. I was hoping to start a small garden this year. Guess I'll have to wait until next Spring. On the plus side this does give me a little more time to save some more money.

For now the lawyer wants me to get a home inspection and report back with the finding. I have called someone and have set up a home inspection for next week. The inspection people will be calling the seller's realtor who is suppose to coordinate with the seller. I fear this will be an obstacle for me. She wasn't very willing to show me her house to begin with so I can't imagine she will be too happy to leave for a few hours for this to occur. I can only hope she will be forced to allow me and the inspector in. I will get a conformation email once everything is green to go.

Originally we were not going to do the home inspection until my price was fully accepted. So it makes me a bit nervous to spend $300 on something that I might not buy. Of course, I might as well do it now to make sure I want to wait for the house.
Please keep me in your prayers that everything goes well.
I have been told the seller and the bank will not pay to repair anything - this I knew. I did not realize I cannot buy a home with damage though. I am hoping nothing major is wrong.
I'll be sure to update you on the inspection once I know more. I plan on using this opportunity to take some more pictures. He he he! I will count every door, every window, light fixture, and cabinet. Might as well get as much information as I can while I am able to get it.
If the inspection is not favorable, I can pull out of the contract - I don't want this to happen.

Best case scenario is that the inspection goes well, the house appraises right at what I offered, and the sale goes quicker then anyone would have guessed. These are my prayers to God. If God wants this to happen, I have faith that it will.
I feel like I am exhausting so mush time and energy in this home it just has to work out!

Speaking of working out, I have done 30 minutes on Wii Fit for the last 2 days! I realize this is a small accomplishment, but I am so proud of myself. I have also drank TONS of water over the last 2 days! I know for sure before I left work yesterday I had drank 90 fluid ounces! Crazy! I didn't drink as much today though since it makes me pee ALL DAY LONG! Not only do I have to pee, but I have to go so bad I feel like I can barely make it from my desk to the the bathroom.

Now for the bad...
Let's see...
Saturday night we ate out... Sunday evening I started to look for my phone to see if anyone had called and I couldn't find it. Matt and I looked all over my house and both are cars. No luck. None at all. Kept calling it thinking we would hear ringing. Finally it dawned on me to call the restaurant since I remembered having my phone before that. They had it! I wasn't ready to buy a new phone.  
Sunday night while online Google-ing... got some type of worm in my computer where it kept wanting me to pay $79.99 to clear out the 26 worms/viruses my computer had. I freaked out! My computer would not allow me to do anything! Even disconnecting the internet did not stop it! I ran my virus protector - who didn't notice anything wrong....
Fortantely for me I am still friends with the IT guy at my last job. He met me after work and took my computer home to fix it (I baked him a loaf of bread in exchange - I still owe him big time.) and brought it back to me before work today. He is awesome! I am so thankful for a friend like him!

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