Monday, March 7, 2011

I Have A Contract On The House!

Saturday I knew I would be getting a call from my realtor once the seller signed my offer with her counteroffer. I had told Matt we had to be up, showered, dressed and ready to go by 10 AM since that was when the seller would be signing the paperwork on the house - my realtor wanted the paperwork by 11 AM since she technically only had until 7 PM the night before to get us the paperwork back.
Around 10:40 AM we got the call from my realtor that he had the paperwork in his hand, was at his office and wanting to know when would I like to come sign the counteroffer.
Didn't have to ask me twice - told him I would be there in 10 minutes.
I am ready to have this done and over with. I want this house!
As we already knew she would, she counter offered that she wanted to keep her refrigerator and stove.
Fine - I accept.
Not worth losing my dream house over appliances.
(She dated the paperwork for Friday 7 PM even though she didn't actually sign until Saturday 10 AM - is that legal???)

I got the email from my realtor today while at work that I am now under contract!
How exciting!
One step down!
Per my realtor, I called my lender to let him know the good news. My realtor will be faxing a copy of the contract to go into my file.

So now the next step is to wait on the bank to see if they accept my offer. We did put a 90 day waiting period clause in the contract which means if I don't have an approval within 90 days I can get out of the contract. As I previously stated, this will probably be a long process. I am hoping for the best, but expecting the worse. I really hope this all gets worked out within the three month period. I would love to tell everyone I know (within 90 days) that the house is mine.
I did some research on Saturday morning and read that the best case scenario will be if she only has one mortgage on the house. If she has a second or even a third mortgage on the house the process becomes complicated because in most cases the company who owns the second and third loans will get little to no money when settling on a short sale. I asked my realtor if he knew what we were dealing with and he said he didn't know, but he gets the feeling she only has one mortgage.
I pray with all my heart she only has one.
Time will tell I suppose.
I did ask him to let me know if/when he finds out.

I am assuming I will not have any new updates for awhile on the house.

A side note: I did make a folder on my computer of the 30 or so pictures I took of the house and have added all the pictures from the seller's website to keep for my records just in case. You really never know these days what you will need. I was advised to keep my pictures in case the seller decided to ruin the home within the closing time frame that way I wouldn't be forced to buy a damaged house since I have proof it didn't always look that way. Let's hope I never need to use the pictures for this reason though.
Hopefully I only need them to act as my 'before' pictures. :)

In other news...
I am very proud of Matt and myself...
We didn't eat out at all this entire weekend! I think this is a first for us ever since I moved to Kentucky.
We cooked steak twice and even made fried chicken.
Our fried chicken was alright. We still need to work on how we bread the chicken - the texture seemed more appropriate for fried fish. We used: flour, cornmeal, garlic salt, pepper and paprika.
Basically we bought chicken breast and cut strips/chunks. Rinsed them off, dried them, and then soaked them in whisked eggs before rolling it in the flour mixture. In a skillet, warm some oil. Drop your chicken in the pan and cook for a minute. Flip. Cook until a fork goes through the chicken easily.
Next time we make this we will use less flour, more garlic salt, pepper and paprika and I will use Panko. I think the Panko will add more texture to the breaded part. Either way, this was still yummy! I thought we did great at our first attempt with fried chicken!
We have decided to institute a 'Let's Cook Something New On Sunday" rule whenever we are here. Should be fun to make new items every week or every other week.

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