Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I'm sitting at work when my phone starts to ring and my caller id shows a familiar local number.
So of course my first thought was it might be the realtor.
I was wrong - it was the lender wanting to know if I had heard anything.
You have no idea how high my hopes were!
I was so disappointed!
At least it means he is 'on top' of his clients. At least he didn't forget me.
I told him I know nothing which is unfortunately true.
I asked if he had heard anything.
He hadn't.
I also asked how Wells Fargo (the seller's lender) deals with short sales.
He said the process can go quick or slow.
Then I thought - "Duh! I could have guessed that!"
So he knows nothing more than I do. What a shame!
I then asked if he noticed who the listing agent was.
He said no.
I told him who it was - the agent I was previously working with who recommended this lender to me.
He then said now that he was thinking about it he had saw that and asked him if there was anything he could do to quicken the sale.
The seller's agent said no.
I doubt this conversation ever happened. But my thinking is if he didn't know who the seller's agent was before he does now and maybe now he'll say something. I am also thinking this may not be a good thing if they are friends because what if my lender lets him know how much I can spend?
I got to stop thinking about this and letting it drive me crazy!
I'm sure my lender will act professional and keep my business private. I have no doubt.

It has officially been 10 days since I went into contract on the house. I really pray and hope I hear something within 30 days.
I hate waiting.
It is becoming depressing since everyone keeps asking me if I have heard anything.
I promise, EVERYONE will know when I hear something!
Just like I told my co-worker today, I will be so excited - probably grinning from ear to ear when the seller's lender approves my offer.

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