Tuesday, March 15, 2011

GOD Bless America!

I went home to visit my parents over the weekend.
Always good to be home. It just seems to go by way too fast when it is only a 2-day weekend. Plus, it doesn't help that I didn't sleep well while there - that mixed with possible allergies made me feel ill on Sunday morning to the point where I missed church and ended up lying in bed and on the couch until 11:30 AM when they got back to the house.

My mom and I got crafty over the weekend.
We started by making my mom's silver ball wreath. Mom was clever when she decided to wrap the foam wreath with foil - helps reflect the silver balls.
Looked good actually. The actual wreath didn't work out so well though since her form ended up being too small for the large balls. In the end, she removed all the balls and will start over once she finds the right size wreath form.
Mom, you better get thinking as to how you will make this. I think it will look great!

Next we were going to do her Easter Egg wreath but decided to wait since she still needed to cut the shape out from her foam board she purchased. She will be doing one like my big one. I know this will turn out good.

We moved on to what I am calling my Patriotic Wreath.

Yes, I know we are not near a patriotic holiday, but when the time is here, I will be all prepared. (Just need to make a 'God Bless America' sign now.)
I used different sized and colored red, white, and blue ornaments.
At first I didn't want to use the light blue balls but my mom thought we would need them so we placed them on the bottom when stacking the balls. Now that I look at it, I love the lighter blue balls. It adds some more color to my wreath.

I am done with making ornaments wreaths - at least for a while. I have used all my balls and don't plan to buy anymore unless I get them on sale after next Christmas for 90% off.
He he he!
Maybe I have enough though...
Maybe not...
We will see.

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