Sunday, March 20, 2011

Easy Jalapeno Bread

I made 2 loaves of yummy no knead bread this weekend. I even have another loaf rising right now. My mom introduced me to this recipe last weekend but I needed a dutch oven before I could attempt it.
I'm not going to post directions, but you can go to the STEAMY KITCHEN for everything you need to know. She has fully detailed instructions and pictures of her four year old son making the bread. If her son and I can make this, so can you.

These, plus warm water, are all the ingredients you need...
... in order to make this.
How you like my new purple dutch oven???
 I think it is beautiful!
 This particular loaf I added jalapenos and cheddar cheese to the recipe.

If you do not already have a dutch oven like I didn't - I can assure you the cheapest one (the one I have) is from Sam's Club. Wal-mart and Target wanted $60+ whereas Sam's Club sold there's for $40.

If you want to make jalapeno bread like I made - follow the directions with a few modifications.
I did step one as normal. When I moved the dough to a towel I shoved in pieces of jalapenos. After the bread was fully cooked I added cheese to the top of the loaf and turned the oven to broil.
Both Matt and I enjoyed this!

Matt and I went to the Louisville Zoo yesterday.
My favorites of the day include this cute seal who kept going to all three doors - I'm assuming to beg for food - and would cry/howl.
Reminded me of Wyatt.
Isn't he cute/pitiful?

Another favorite of the day were these lions.
They see each other...
 He nuzzles her...
 She nozzles him...
 Looks like LOVE!
So sweet!

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