Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Broken Resolution

I need to be good and stop spending money!
I'm supposed to be buying a house!
Correction - I will soon be buying a house.
I didn't go on a major shopping spree or anything extreme - I was simply thinking about this while I was at work today.
One of my New Year's Resolutions was to write down every time I spent money - how much and where.

Have I done that?
Of course...
Nope - I have not done this at all.
Not one day was written down.
Not even one entry.

And why haven't I done it?
Good question.
If I had an answer I would give it to you.
I can't even think of a good excuse to give.
I have a dedicated notebook and I have lots of pens. I'm even good at keeping my receipts.
I know at first I kept waiting until Sunday - which as far as I am concerned is when the shopping week starts since that is when all the ads change and new coupons come out. Like my logic don't you?

I will start as of this week.
I spent like $10 at Kroger yesterday (would have been cheaper if I didn't have to have the $4.00 strawberries).
Sunday I spent almost $10 at Penn Station Subs and I went to Kroger and spent exactly $9.34.
I do plan on making another stop at Kroger this week for a few good deals I can't pass and I hope to check out a few certain clearance items at Target.
Maybe I can stop my shopping spree there.
Of course I will also need gas in a few days and an oil change.


Saving money is hard!
I'm sure next week will go even better.
We will see.

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