Saturday, March 5, 2011

And She Counteroffers...

My realtor called me back last night with some decent news.
Better then bad news or no news at all!

The seller's agent was finally able to get a hold of the seller and they will be meeting this morning to counteroffer my offer - she wants to keep her fridge and stove.


I am giving her the full offer price and I'm paying closing so I feel she should at least give me the appliances. But you know what - I'm not going to let me get down. I will accept this counter offer.
I would LOVE new appliances! I would have preferred to wait a little while is all I am saying.

She can't get rid of me so easily!
My realtor said her realtor said she was crying but not sure if it is because of the house situation.
I bet it is though. I'm sure it is very tough to lose your home. I do feel sorry for her. But things happen and you just have to move on. For all I know this could be a good thing for her. Maybe I am just thinking positive for her since I want her home. I'm torn. I do know at this point she will be losing the house at one point or another so it might as well be to me. :)

As long as she accepts my offer once again next step will be acceptance from her bank.
This could be a very long process - I looked it up online last night. It said sometimes this homes can be approved in as little as 30 days (tiny ray of hope), they normally take 2 - 3 months, but can take up to years sometimes in extreme cases (Eeek!).

In the meantime I will keep looking at homes online and will go see a few with my realtor. I know the logical thing to do is not place all my eggs in one basket only to possibly be disappointed in the end.

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