Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Success For Now

The inspection people have sent me a conformation email that my home inspection has been scheduled!
This is great news since I truly thought we would have issues with the current home owner allowing us to enter her home. (She still lives in the house.) As I previously stated, we had a difficult time seeing it both time I scheduled showings – she kept cancelling on me.
Now that I have had more time to reflect on everything that has happened over the last 24 hours I can say I am feeling good about everything. I feel everything is right on track. This will be somewhat of an uphill battle but I know it will be worth it when it is done. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger right? I just pray I can close before August 1 – I am sick of living in an apartment.
Here are my stepping stones aka checklist of items that I needed/need to accomplish:

Step 1 – Get lending approval
The first lender I wanted to go through (my bank) was not very helpful and only approved me based on doing two separate loans – one for 80% and the other for 20%. Not the route for me! I wanted to only have one loan which makes sense to me. Why would I want to pay two mortgages? Thankfully the first realtor I worked with recommend the company/guy I am now using. I am having a good experience with this company/guy. He always calls me back and is very calm when answering all my questions.
Step 2 – Find a GREAT realtor
My first realtor did not work out. I did not like his attitude – everything I said negative about a house he tried to make a
positive spin. Not the guy for me! My second and current realtor was recommended to me by a co-worker. I absolutely trust him! I feel this is extremely important since he is the one representing me. This is the best advice I could give anyone – “Make sure you can trust your realtor”.
Step 3 – Look at a bunch of houses
In the end, I have toured 25 houses and have view probably 100 – 200 online. When I found a house I liked I took my mom’s advice and looked at the crime rates in the neighborhood. I also drove around the neighborhood a few times a day during different hours of the day.
Step 4 – Find a house I LOVE!
I knew instantly when I walked in this house that it was the one for me. It has most of the items on my list I was looking for. Originally I thought I wanted a 5 year house, but I can see myself in this one for longer.
Step 5 – Introduce family/Matt to house
After I fell in love with the house I wanted my mom and Matt to see it. Whether they liked it or not I knew I would be making an offer on it. Fortunately, they could both see me in this house as well.
Step 6 – Make offer
 I won’t lie… I was nervous while signing the paperwork. I did it immediately after seeing the house a second time since I
did not want to give anyone else a chance to make a higher offer then me.
Step 7 – Seller accepts offer
I offered full asking price, agreed to pay closing costs, and asked for all kitchen appliances. I felt I was being more then accommodating. She signed it back that she wanted to keep her fridge and stove. I agreed to the terms but wish I could have kept them. In the end I felt it was not worth losing a house over $1500 worth of appliances. 
Step 8 – Bank accepts offer
Not at step 8… right now my steps have been altered.
See below for steps to get to step 8:
a.        Meet law firm who is now handling deal – seems to be a good thing.
b.        Schedule home inspection – Done!
c.        Get home inspection – Soon to be done.
d.        Get termite inspection – Also soon to be done.
e.        Pass (with flying colors) both inspections – Fingers crossed.
f.         Give inspection outcomes to law firm
g.        Wait and wait and wait.
Step 9 – Accepted!

I would continue on with my steps/check list, but I have a feeling there will be more bumps along the way that will change it. Plus, it is easier to handle lists in smaller amounts. And I know I still have a long way to go before the sale closes (if we make it that far).  Before I even started with step 1 I made sure this was something I really wanted to do. For me, I know I will be living in this area for a long time and it just makes sense to pay a mortgage opposed to rent. I made a list of
everything a house had to have and what I wanted it to have in order for me to be happy with it. I also looked online at calculators to know ballpark amounts what I could afford. In other words, I made sure I was as prepared as possible before starting anything.

Oh, I forgot to tell you one of the perks of dealing with a law firm which is I will receive weekly email updates on what is going on with the house. I like that! In fact, the lady has already emailed me today to introduce herself. I think the weekly emails will help me not lose my mind along the way.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Matthew!
Let me sing a song for you…
Picture me singing this to you…
Perhaps I am in the car…
(Ahem... sorry, had to clear my throat.)
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday Dear Matthew!
Happy Birthday to You!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

THE Lawyer (Notice the Capital Letters)

I got a phone call from my realtor on Friday. Evidently we were making an appointment to sit down with a law firm about the house I placed an offer on.
Whoo hoo!
I assume this appointment was set up by the seller's bank, but all I know is the seller's realtor pushed for it. My realtor thinks this is a good thing. He said he asked around his office to see if anyone else has had a law firm step in so early on and no one had. Wonder why I am getting one??? My mom thinks maybe the seller's realtor is trying to push the sale to get his commission. Could be. As long as this goes quickly and smoothly I don't care how we get there.

So we made the appointment for today. We were suppose to be meeting with one of the paralegals, but we ended up getting one of the actual lawyers. How exciting, right? I thought it was! I was very impressed. Even more impressed when I read the paper I was signing that said if I wanted any additional legal advice or etc that they change $175 an hour. No wonder lawyers are so rich! I think I chose the wrong profession! Just joking!
Lucky for me my realtor has been doing this for a really long time and knows everyone and everything because he has even done business with this particular law firm which leads me to believe that is why we got the actual lawyer. While in the room with the lawyer the other partner came in to say hi to my realtor. He's like a famous person I swear! :)
According to the lawyer, the house is mine as long as I am willing to wait the wait and pay the price. He kept saying I have practically bought this house. I don't agree - I want the signed contract and keys before I start thinking like that.
No, the price is not set in stone for the price I offered. The house hasn't even been appraised yet.
It seems we were mislead on how far along this process is. In fact, the lawyer doesn't seem to think this will be quick at all.

As of now, we are looking at August 1 as a closing date. The lawyer said this doesn't mean this will be my actual closing date - this is just a date we are requesting. Could be sooner or later who knows - hopefully sooner. I was discouraged at first when he was telling me this. I was hoping to start a small garden this year. Guess I'll have to wait until next Spring. On the plus side this does give me a little more time to save some more money.

For now the lawyer wants me to get a home inspection and report back with the finding. I have called someone and have set up a home inspection for next week. The inspection people will be calling the seller's realtor who is suppose to coordinate with the seller. I fear this will be an obstacle for me. She wasn't very willing to show me her house to begin with so I can't imagine she will be too happy to leave for a few hours for this to occur. I can only hope she will be forced to allow me and the inspector in. I will get a conformation email once everything is green to go.

Originally we were not going to do the home inspection until my price was fully accepted. So it makes me a bit nervous to spend $300 on something that I might not buy. Of course, I might as well do it now to make sure I want to wait for the house.
Please keep me in your prayers that everything goes well.
I have been told the seller and the bank will not pay to repair anything - this I knew. I did not realize I cannot buy a home with damage though. I am hoping nothing major is wrong.
I'll be sure to update you on the inspection once I know more. I plan on using this opportunity to take some more pictures. He he he! I will count every door, every window, light fixture, and cabinet. Might as well get as much information as I can while I am able to get it.
If the inspection is not favorable, I can pull out of the contract - I don't want this to happen.

Best case scenario is that the inspection goes well, the house appraises right at what I offered, and the sale goes quicker then anyone would have guessed. These are my prayers to God. If God wants this to happen, I have faith that it will.
I feel like I am exhausting so mush time and energy in this home it just has to work out!

Speaking of working out, I have done 30 minutes on Wii Fit for the last 2 days! I realize this is a small accomplishment, but I am so proud of myself. I have also drank TONS of water over the last 2 days! I know for sure before I left work yesterday I had drank 90 fluid ounces! Crazy! I didn't drink as much today though since it makes me pee ALL DAY LONG! Not only do I have to pee, but I have to go so bad I feel like I can barely make it from my desk to the the bathroom.

Now for the bad...
Let's see...
Saturday night we ate out... Sunday evening I started to look for my phone to see if anyone had called and I couldn't find it. Matt and I looked all over my house and both are cars. No luck. None at all. Kept calling it thinking we would hear ringing. Finally it dawned on me to call the restaurant since I remembered having my phone before that. They had it! I wasn't ready to buy a new phone.  
Sunday night while online Google-ing... got some type of worm in my computer where it kept wanting me to pay $79.99 to clear out the 26 worms/viruses my computer had. I freaked out! My computer would not allow me to do anything! Even disconnecting the internet did not stop it! I ran my virus protector - who didn't notice anything wrong....
Fortantely for me I am still friends with the IT guy at my last job. He met me after work and took my computer home to fix it (I baked him a loaf of bread in exchange - I still owe him big time.) and brought it back to me before work today. He is awesome! I am so thankful for a friend like him!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Easy Jalapeno Bread

I made 2 loaves of yummy no knead bread this weekend. I even have another loaf rising right now. My mom introduced me to this recipe last weekend but I needed a dutch oven before I could attempt it.
I'm not going to post directions, but you can go to the STEAMY KITCHEN for everything you need to know. She has fully detailed instructions and pictures of her four year old son making the bread. If her son and I can make this, so can you.

These, plus warm water, are all the ingredients you need...
... in order to make this.
How you like my new purple dutch oven???
 I think it is beautiful!
 This particular loaf I added jalapenos and cheddar cheese to the recipe.

If you do not already have a dutch oven like I didn't - I can assure you the cheapest one (the one I have) is from Sam's Club. Wal-mart and Target wanted $60+ whereas Sam's Club sold there's for $40.

If you want to make jalapeno bread like I made - follow the directions with a few modifications.
I did step one as normal. When I moved the dough to a towel I shoved in pieces of jalapenos. After the bread was fully cooked I added cheese to the top of the loaf and turned the oven to broil.
Both Matt and I enjoyed this!

Matt and I went to the Louisville Zoo yesterday.
My favorites of the day include this cute seal who kept going to all three doors - I'm assuming to beg for food - and would cry/howl.
Reminded me of Wyatt.
Isn't he cute/pitiful?

Another favorite of the day were these lions.
They see each other...
 He nuzzles her...
 She nozzles him...
 Looks like LOVE!
So sweet!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Say Noodles!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Kroger?
If I haven't, let me tell you now.

Right now they have the Mega Sale going on - Buy any 10 participating items and get $5 off your purchase. Meaning you essentially get $0.50 off each of those 10 items. When paired with coupons you can usually get some cheap and sometimes free items. This week is an excellent example.

I just got home from Kroger and spent about $9.60 for all these items. (I did 2 transactions.)
Prices are after $5 off:
30 boxes of noodles $0.49 each - USED 15 $1.00 off 2
(Go to to print a TON of noodle coupons)
6 Reeses Pieces $1.99 - USED 3 $2.00 off 2
3 cans of dog food $0.49 USED B2G1 free
1 drink $0.49  

The nuts were not part of the deal, but Matt and I love them - $1.99 each!

My total would have been $1 cheaper but I messed up with my first purchase and only bought 18 particiapting items. Lucky for me, the guy at my Kroger customer service said I could go get 2 more items and they would take them off the $5 I would have gotten. So I did that and gave my coupon for $1 off 2 and only got back $4. I didn't question it at the time, but now that I am home thinking about it I know he didn't take off the money for buying the 10 items. I am happy to have gotten what I got.

If you want some noodles, I suggest shopping soon. Even my store was getting low on them.


I'm sitting at work when my phone starts to ring and my caller id shows a familiar local number.
So of course my first thought was it might be the realtor.
I was wrong - it was the lender wanting to know if I had heard anything.
You have no idea how high my hopes were!
I was so disappointed!
At least it means he is 'on top' of his clients. At least he didn't forget me.
I told him I know nothing which is unfortunately true.
I asked if he had heard anything.
He hadn't.
I also asked how Wells Fargo (the seller's lender) deals with short sales.
He said the process can go quick or slow.
Then I thought - "Duh! I could have guessed that!"
So he knows nothing more than I do. What a shame!
I then asked if he noticed who the listing agent was.
He said no.
I told him who it was - the agent I was previously working with who recommended this lender to me.
He then said now that he was thinking about it he had saw that and asked him if there was anything he could do to quicken the sale.
The seller's agent said no.
I doubt this conversation ever happened. But my thinking is if he didn't know who the seller's agent was before he does now and maybe now he'll say something. I am also thinking this may not be a good thing if they are friends because what if my lender lets him know how much I can spend?
I got to stop thinking about this and letting it drive me crazy!
I'm sure my lender will act professional and keep my business private. I have no doubt.

It has officially been 10 days since I went into contract on the house. I really pray and hope I hear something within 30 days.
I hate waiting.
It is becoming depressing since everyone keeps asking me if I have heard anything.
I promise, EVERYONE will know when I hear something!
Just like I told my co-worker today, I will be so excited - probably grinning from ear to ear when the seller's lender approves my offer.

GOD Bless America!

I went home to visit my parents over the weekend.
Always good to be home. It just seems to go by way too fast when it is only a 2-day weekend. Plus, it doesn't help that I didn't sleep well while there - that mixed with possible allergies made me feel ill on Sunday morning to the point where I missed church and ended up lying in bed and on the couch until 11:30 AM when they got back to the house.

My mom and I got crafty over the weekend.
We started by making my mom's silver ball wreath. Mom was clever when she decided to wrap the foam wreath with foil - helps reflect the silver balls.
Looked good actually. The actual wreath didn't work out so well though since her form ended up being too small for the large balls. In the end, she removed all the balls and will start over once she finds the right size wreath form.
Mom, you better get thinking as to how you will make this. I think it will look great!

Next we were going to do her Easter Egg wreath but decided to wait since she still needed to cut the shape out from her foam board she purchased. She will be doing one like my big one. I know this will turn out good.

We moved on to what I am calling my Patriotic Wreath.

Yes, I know we are not near a patriotic holiday, but when the time is here, I will be all prepared. (Just need to make a 'God Bless America' sign now.)
I used different sized and colored red, white, and blue ornaments.
At first I didn't want to use the light blue balls but my mom thought we would need them so we placed them on the bottom when stacking the balls. Now that I look at it, I love the lighter blue balls. It adds some more color to my wreath.

I am done with making ornaments wreaths - at least for a while. I have used all my balls and don't plan to buy anymore unless I get them on sale after next Christmas for 90% off.
He he he!
Maybe I have enough though...
Maybe not...
We will see.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I was able to cash my mail-in rebate money yesterday!
The significance of this news is that I was able to go buy some Easter decorations. I intended to only spend $10 - I had a budget.
I ended up spending almost $12. Not too off my budget - should have stayed on it though since I plan on shopping after the holiday.
I decided to go with an egg theme this year.
My intent was to decorate my Easter tree with eggs, vases with eggs, and even egg garland.
Sounds cute, right?
Only my garland didn't go according to plan. I didn't bother to look if the eggs already had holes in them. Of course they didn't. I thought the eggs I bought 2 years ago did, but I was wrong when I looked at my post HERE from 2009.
I started off by trying to stick a sewing needle through the ends of the large eggs. I was unsuccessful. I tried everything I could think of but in the end, I have decided the needle is not sharp enough and the eggs are too thick. I tried a thumb tack with no luck either.
Maybe someone has some suggestions???

The mini eggs were easier to stick a thumb tack through. I guess they weren't as thick as the larger eggs.
At least my Easter tree is done. :)

Maybe I need a white tree for all the other holidays? Hmmm.... Just kidding -
I know I don't need anything else right now.
I love my tree!

I did get this cute mini tree with mini egg ornaments from the Dollar Store.
Not bad for $2.00 - this picture doesn't do this tree justice.
I'm tempted to by another for my desk at work.

Next I moved onto making a wreath.
If you read my blog you know I am obsessed with wreaths!
(Click the title "Wreaths" at the bottom of this post to see them all.)
I'll never be able to part with any of them. Which is why my house is covered with them.
How do you like my mini egg wreath?
Small Easter Eggs $0.77 each
Easter Grass $0.99
Easter Saying $0.79
(All items above are currently 40% off at Hobby Lobby)
Dollar Store Wreath $1
Glue Gun
This was very easy to make. Didn't take much time at all.
I had planned on gluing the 'picture' on the wreath, but there is no flat area.

Here's my big Easter wreath I made 2 years ago that I still use today.
(See it HERE.)

In my last post I showed a picture of my hurricane vases with beads and my lamb Beanie Babies inside them. I thought they looked okay - wasn't completely in love with them or anything but then my mom told me they looked 'caught'. Do you agree? I didn't mean to portray them in this manner. I simply wanted them to be displayed. Although I don't totally agree with her opinion, I did change it to make it more Easter looking.

I love all the pastel colors of my eggs!
Makes me happy!
Happy early Easter!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm A Collector

Were you a collector of anything growing up?
According to my mom I collected all sorts of things. She says I started with used q-tips as a baby.
Gross - I agree!
We can only assume I must have taken them out of the bathroom garbage. Maybe I also dug around in the kitchen garbage - no one knows for sure. And to be honest, I think I would rather not know. (Just imagine how gross my hands must have been!)
Next I moved onto earth worms, stickers, pogs, pencils, so on and on just to name a few.
(Remember pogs???)

In middle and high school I was obsessed with TY Beanie Babies. I spent ALL my money buying the newest ones at the store. I am not sure exactly how many I have - had you of asked me a few years ago I could probably have told you the exact number and which ones. Now, I just keep them boxed in Tupperware in a
closet. I feel I spent too much money on them to part with them. My future children will end up playing with them; I can pass out once a week or something like that.
With that being said, I did finally take my mom's advice.
She had suggested going through them and seeing which ones could be used for holiday decorations. I did this around Christmas time but didn't bother to separate the holiday decoration Beanie Babies from the other ones. I decided to pull out my Easter decorations last night which made me motivated to go through all my Beanie Babies.

I have already placed the non-Easter ones with my holidays decorations.
For Easter, I have 5 bunnies and 3 lambs!
I have displayed them around the kitchen and living room - at least now I am getting some use out of them. So glad my mom thought to use them around the house. They look really cute!

Now that I am decorating for Easter, I have came to the conclusion that I need more decorations.
He he he!
I can assure you Matt thinks I'm crazy - told me if I was good he would buy me some though. (I'm not supposed to be spending my money - need to be saving for the house.) I think I can be fully decked out for another $10. I know EXACTLY what I need! On second thought, I need to make a list.
I have $20 worth of mail in rebates that I tried to cash today only to find out the bank was closed for the day. I was planning on using that money so I could have my decorations now instead of waiting. :(

I was going to post pictures of what I have so far but that would be a waste since I plan on adding to my decorations. I will leave you with some pictures: the wall in my kitchen. I might change it a little, but for the most part it is fully decorated. Notice the Beanie Babies....

Monday, March 7, 2011

I Have A Contract On The House!

Saturday I knew I would be getting a call from my realtor once the seller signed my offer with her counteroffer. I had told Matt we had to be up, showered, dressed and ready to go by 10 AM since that was when the seller would be signing the paperwork on the house - my realtor wanted the paperwork by 11 AM since she technically only had until 7 PM the night before to get us the paperwork back.
Around 10:40 AM we got the call from my realtor that he had the paperwork in his hand, was at his office and wanting to know when would I like to come sign the counteroffer.
Didn't have to ask me twice - told him I would be there in 10 minutes.
I am ready to have this done and over with. I want this house!
As we already knew she would, she counter offered that she wanted to keep her refrigerator and stove.
Fine - I accept.
Not worth losing my dream house over appliances.
(She dated the paperwork for Friday 7 PM even though she didn't actually sign until Saturday 10 AM - is that legal???)

I got the email from my realtor today while at work that I am now under contract!
How exciting!
One step down!
Per my realtor, I called my lender to let him know the good news. My realtor will be faxing a copy of the contract to go into my file.

So now the next step is to wait on the bank to see if they accept my offer. We did put a 90 day waiting period clause in the contract which means if I don't have an approval within 90 days I can get out of the contract. As I previously stated, this will probably be a long process. I am hoping for the best, but expecting the worse. I really hope this all gets worked out within the three month period. I would love to tell everyone I know (within 90 days) that the house is mine.
I did some research on Saturday morning and read that the best case scenario will be if she only has one mortgage on the house. If she has a second or even a third mortgage on the house the process becomes complicated because in most cases the company who owns the second and third loans will get little to no money when settling on a short sale. I asked my realtor if he knew what we were dealing with and he said he didn't know, but he gets the feeling she only has one mortgage.
I pray with all my heart she only has one.
Time will tell I suppose.
I did ask him to let me know if/when he finds out.

I am assuming I will not have any new updates for awhile on the house.

A side note: I did make a folder on my computer of the 30 or so pictures I took of the house and have added all the pictures from the seller's website to keep for my records just in case. You really never know these days what you will need. I was advised to keep my pictures in case the seller decided to ruin the home within the closing time frame that way I wouldn't be forced to buy a damaged house since I have proof it didn't always look that way. Let's hope I never need to use the pictures for this reason though.
Hopefully I only need them to act as my 'before' pictures. :)

In other news...
I am very proud of Matt and myself...
We didn't eat out at all this entire weekend! I think this is a first for us ever since I moved to Kentucky.
We cooked steak twice and even made fried chicken.
Our fried chicken was alright. We still need to work on how we bread the chicken - the texture seemed more appropriate for fried fish. We used: flour, cornmeal, garlic salt, pepper and paprika.
Basically we bought chicken breast and cut strips/chunks. Rinsed them off, dried them, and then soaked them in whisked eggs before rolling it in the flour mixture. In a skillet, warm some oil. Drop your chicken in the pan and cook for a minute. Flip. Cook until a fork goes through the chicken easily.
Next time we make this we will use less flour, more garlic salt, pepper and paprika and I will use Panko. I think the Panko will add more texture to the breaded part. Either way, this was still yummy! I thought we did great at our first attempt with fried chicken!
We have decided to institute a 'Let's Cook Something New On Sunday" rule whenever we are here. Should be fun to make new items every week or every other week.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

And She Counteroffers...

My realtor called me back last night with some decent news.
Better then bad news or no news at all!

The seller's agent was finally able to get a hold of the seller and they will be meeting this morning to counteroffer my offer - she wants to keep her fridge and stove.


I am giving her the full offer price and I'm paying closing so I feel she should at least give me the appliances. But you know what - I'm not going to let me get down. I will accept this counter offer.
I would LOVE new appliances! I would have preferred to wait a little while is all I am saying.

She can't get rid of me so easily!
My realtor said her realtor said she was crying but not sure if it is because of the house situation.
I bet it is though. I'm sure it is very tough to lose your home. I do feel sorry for her. But things happen and you just have to move on. For all I know this could be a good thing for her. Maybe I am just thinking positive for her since I want her home. I'm torn. I do know at this point she will be losing the house at one point or another so it might as well be to me. :)

As long as she accepts my offer once again next step will be acceptance from her bank.
This could be a very long process - I looked it up online last night. It said sometimes this homes can be approved in as little as 30 days (tiny ray of hope), they normally take 2 - 3 months, but can take up to years sometimes in extreme cases (Eeek!).

In the meantime I will keep looking at homes online and will go see a few with my realtor. I know the logical thing to do is not place all my eggs in one basket only to possibly be disappointed in the end.

Friday, March 4, 2011

House Buying Is A Waiting Game

Here it is Friday - March 4th - and I still haven't heard much about the house I made an offer on 2 days ago. As you can imagine, I am beginning to feel restless. I can't stop think about it. All day while at work all I could think about was whether or not the current homeowners are considering my offer.

-Please consider me!-

I called my realtor when I got off and he said he had spoken to the seller's agent twice today. According to him he has not been able to get a hold of the seller. He knows she was sick and maybe she still is (I'm doubtful). I drove by the house on my way home and the car was still there which I assumes means no work today. My realtor said he also drove by and the car was there earlier.
My realtor fears this will be a long process. I do too now.

I was able to fall asleep quickly last night which surprised me. I think I might have thought about it all night though since I work up tired this morning.
I have been praying about this home. When I said - If this house doesn't work out I know God has another house in mind for me - I meant it. I just really hope this is the one. I am ready to go in the house and make it my own. Out of the 25 houses I have seen this one screams ME! My mom thinks this could be the right house; just not the right situation. She may be right although I hope she is wrong.
All I can now think about it - Why is she ignoring all calls from her agent?
Her agent told mine she claims she is desperate to sell her home.
If I was desperate I would answer my phone whether I was sick or not.

Is she waiting to be kicked out?
I wish I didn't have to deal with this added stress with this house.
I need to distance my emotions to this house. Much easier said then done.

They are only suppose to have until 7 PM this evening to let my realtor know one way or another.
He thinks he wont hear anything. We can also make an extension - he doesn't want to give very long though.

Time is slowly ticking away.
Makes me more and more anxious.

I'll keep you posted.

I forgot to tell you an interesting fact about this house when I wrote yesterday.
Guess who the listing agent is?
It's the first realtor I was working with!
How crazy is that?
I bet/hope he is kicking himself where the sun doesn't shine!
He could have made a listing AND selling commission had he of worked better with me.
He he he!

I should be nice (even in my head with my thoughts) - I want his client to accept my offer!
Maybe he hasn't made the connection. Actually, I am sure he has made the connection.

Like I said before, I am so glad it didn't work out and I am working with my current realtor who is awesome!

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers for this house situation to work out if it is meant to be - I would greatly appreciate it. :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Please Accept My Offer On This House

I did it!
I took the big plunge yesterday!
I actually made an offer on a house!
I feel so grown up!
I am feeling excited - yet very nervous! Too many emotions to really name at this point.
(Perhaps I'm using too many explanation points???)
As of now my offer has not been accepted or denied so I am beginning to feel a bit anxious.

At this point I have looked at 25 houses over 4 Saturdays - most of which I could not visualize myself living in. I feel I have a good grasp on what is out there at my price range which has helped me be more comfortable with my decision.

To recap, my wish list is:
3 Bedrooms
2 Full Bathrooms
At least 1150 square feet.

Of those items I wanted in a home, only one previous house fit the criteria and would have been suitable for me. But then at my mom's (smart) suggestion I looked at the crime rates in the area and then changed my mind. That particular house had been burglarized and had a bunch of theft in the neighborhood around it. Obviously, this was not the home for me after all.

I guess I should start from the very beginning of my journey into home ownership (you can also look through a few of my previous posts)...

Back in October I was offered a new job with a little better pay which got me thinking about the future. I figured with this new job I would want to stay in this area awhile since it has great advancement opportunities. It made sense to buy a house since I hate apartment living due to neighbors, smells, and throwing away money. And even from a young age I always knew I was meant to own a home. I'm a homebody - there is no other place I would rather be. I don't want to be house poor, but if I was, it world not be the end of the world to me.

I was working with one realtor the first time I went out to look at houses and I was not getting a good feeling from him. I think I decided to use him since I had previously worked with him when I went to look at a foreclosed home a few months ago. I knew in my gut I shouldn't go with him since every negative thing I said about any house he turned it with a positive spin. In fact, the last house I looked at with him on the one Saturday I went out with him I mentioned the kitchen was too small for a kitchen table. You want to know what his response was? I could put a table in the basement and eat dinner down there. Uhhh.... I don't think so!
Luckily, the last realtor did not work out and now I have a wonderful realtor who is very patient and honest. I like how he doesn't follow right behind me when we view houses. I can tell he enjoys looking around them as well since he always looks. He also always points out things that look really wrong such as a dip in the floor or bad cracks in the foundation. He is the kind of guy I always knew I wanted to work with.
(If you want to know more please see my previous posts.)

Let me come back to the present....
My realtor had set up a house showing for my mom and I for this past Sunday after his own open house. I was really excited to see this home because the pictures showed it in a good light. However, the seller's agent called mine to cancel on us since the homeowner was sick. I won't lie - I was disappointed. I also believed the excuse and moved on with my day.
We did reschedule for Monday when I got off work but my mom was unable to stay so I was on my own. (I have been very fortunate to always have Matt or my mom view homes with me.)

Monday I go see the house.
I love it!
It has all the items I am looking for in a house including a fenced in backyard, wood floors, and open concept living room/dinning room which were all things I wanted in a house but didn't think I could get in a nice 'package deal'.
I told my realtor how much I liked it and asked if he could set up another showing for the next day which was yesterday since I wanted my mom and Matt to see the place. Once again he set it up for when I was off work. The seller tried to cancel on us again at the last minute! Thankfully my realtor explained to there realtor I had family coming in from out of town to see the house. They agree for me to see the house as long as the sellers could stay in one room. My agent agreed as long as she stayed in the smallest room. This suited me well.

When we got to the house - let me tell you what she did - she closed both smaller bedroom doors which made it impossible for us to know which room she was in so Matt and my mom could not view either room! I was kinda mad.
Good thing I had taken pictures and emailed them to everyone before they arrived here.

Once we all looked at the house on the inside and outside one more time we decided to go to my agent's office since I wanted to put in a offer.

I am very thankful to have such a good agent who fully explains everything to me, Matt, and my mom.
I am also thankful they both drove here yesterday to see the house and offer support.
Of course my mind was already made up.
Unless something major seemed wrong I knew I would be putting in an offer.
The home is a short sale - from what I understand means the owner is about to lose the house. In fact, they might have already stopped making payments on it. This is the step before the home becomes foreclosed. This is an option for a homeowner who can no longer afford their home and they want to try and protect their credit.
So what does that mean to me?
It means after writing my offer it must first be accepted by the current homeowner.
If/when it is accepted by the homeowner the bank who owns the current loan must accept/deny it.
If they deny the offer they could counter offer or accept another offer.
If they do accept my offer I then have 10 days to have a home inspection.
Depending on the results of the home inspection I can either proceed or walk away and get out of the contract. I have 3 days from the 10 day time period to ask for any repairs. In the case of a short sale, odds are the homeowner cannot afford to pay any repairs so I would be buying the home as is. This is very important to know. I have to make sure I am able to make the repairs within my budget. If the home inspector finds too many problems I will be forced to walk away.
If the home inspection is favorable I can proceed with getting the property (land) surveyed. Meaning people will come to the home to see EXACTLY where the property lines are. If all goes well, the fence and the driveway will be on that property and not someone else's property. If not, I know issues will arise. My mom pointed out that if this fence is on the wrong property that would mean the whole neighborhood is off. Can you imagine? When/if I get to this point I will be hoping for favorable outcomes.

I won't be thinking about the home inspection or the survey anytime soon though. I need the offer to be accepted by both parties first. My realtor has warned me this process could take any amount of time from a few days to (in extreme cases) up to a few years! We wrote in my contract a certain amount of time I am willing to wait. If that time passes without a response I can either move on and the contract ends or I can get an extension to wait longer. Yet again, I am keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't come to this. I am praying about this and I know God will either provide or he won't which will mean He felt this was not the home for me. I will be sad - not mad - and will continue to look for another home.

It is now almost 7 PM and still no phone call. Maybe I will hear something tomorrow. We did give 48 hours to receive a response from the seller. My realtor said we still might not hear anything by then though.
Very frustrating!
I will continue to blog about the good and bad about this whole process. I know I wish I could have read about what I would soon be going through.
I figure ff this helps just one person I will have succeeded.

Current and future home owners take note of the best piece of 'advice' I have learned and want to share with others --- If you pay one extra house payment a year, you will pay off your 30 year home loan in 17 years and 9 months. How awesome is that??? So just think how much quicker it will be paid off if you
just add $100/month to your mortgage! (If you can afford it of course.)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Broken Resolution

I need to be good and stop spending money!
I'm supposed to be buying a house!
Correction - I will soon be buying a house.
I didn't go on a major shopping spree or anything extreme - I was simply thinking about this while I was at work today.
One of my New Year's Resolutions was to write down every time I spent money - how much and where.

Have I done that?
Of course...
Nope - I have not done this at all.
Not one day was written down.
Not even one entry.

And why haven't I done it?
Good question.
If I had an answer I would give it to you.
I can't even think of a good excuse to give.
I have a dedicated notebook and I have lots of pens. I'm even good at keeping my receipts.
I know at first I kept waiting until Sunday - which as far as I am concerned is when the shopping week starts since that is when all the ads change and new coupons come out. Like my logic don't you?

I will start as of this week.
I spent like $10 at Kroger yesterday (would have been cheaper if I didn't have to have the $4.00 strawberries).
Sunday I spent almost $10 at Penn Station Subs and I went to Kroger and spent exactly $9.34.
I do plan on making another stop at Kroger this week for a few good deals I can't pass and I hope to check out a few certain clearance items at Target.
Maybe I can stop my shopping spree there.
Of course I will also need gas in a few days and an oil change.


Saving money is hard!
I'm sure next week will go even better.
We will see.