Monday, February 28, 2011


Hello dear family and friends!
Sorry I have been MIA for so long.
I will get better at blogging one of these days.
I promise. 

I have been busy house hunting and searching for more houses to see online. So far I have not found the house for me. (And when I say busy - I might be exaggerating a tad bit.)
House hunting has been better with the new guy. He is very informative and seems to be very honest with me which I truly appreciate. Very straight forward.... which I cannot say about the last guy who was always trying to put a positive spin to anything negative I said. If I think a kitchen is too small - don't try to convince me otherwise!
(By the way, still haven't heard from that guy - his loss!)

I had found 2 houses I really wanted last weekend.
And then I went home and got my bubble popped twice.
The first home has horrible crime around the neighborhood/district and the second home was a few houses down from a bar and a liquor store. Not the homes for me.
Unfortunately I get too attached too quickly. With both homes I had them fully decorated in my head. I was ready to move in.
So now I am working on taking my time. As much as I want my own house, I know I need to practice patience.
Easier said then done of course.   :)

If you are a soon to be home buyer and just so happen to be reading my blog, make sure you look up your city's police website which will allow you to type in an address and let you see the recent crime in the area. Also make sure you drive by the home (from each direction) at different times of the day. These are 2 of the big things I have learned recently. Good advice.

Enough about home buying - let me tell you about my new favorite TV show - Parks and Recreation!!!
Have you seen this show???
It is laugh out loud funny!
Key words - out loud!
You will literally be laughing out loud!
Over the last 2 Thursday nights I have watched this show after The Office and I started to get hooked. I remembered seeing it on Netflix on streamline a few weeks ago - and sure enough, it was still there. I watched all 30 or so episodes in one week!
Crazy, I know.
(My mom was here this weekend and even she is hooked now! She didn't think she would like it.)
Tom is my favorite character, followed by Leslie!
Leslie is a secret hoarder! Ha ha ha!
They even have a Twilight themed episode which you can watch if your cable/satellite provided offers On Demand.
You will not be disappointed!

This evening while looking at the money saving blogs I usually read I stumbled upon a wonderful deal Kroger has going on right now:
On sale right now through Saturday is Charmin Toilet Paper (12 Double Rolls) and Bounty Paper Towels (8 Pack) for $5.99 each. When you go to to load coupons to your card make sure you add $3.00 off Charmin and $2.00 off Bounty. If you have this P&G coupon book I have in the picture, you can stack $1.00 off coupon on each item making them $2.99 for toilet paper and $3.99 for paper towels which is better then the CVS paper towels I bought yesterday for $5.49 (and better quality it seems).
Too bad you can only do this deal once.  :(

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