Friday, February 18, 2011

Target Valentine's Clearance

I just knew today was going to be the day Target brought all the Valentine's merchandise to 75% off.
And I was right!
I looked online at other blogs to verify I was correct and then Matt and I went shopping today. I did spend a little more then I had planned, but I ended up with some good stuff.
What you think?

The candy hearts are for my wreath that I have been wanting to make since Christmas - haven't been able to find the circular wreath from the Dollar Tree. I refuse to pay full price at Hobby Lobby! If you want these - $0.57 each.

My last Christmas present is finally here!
Who hoo!
The color is better then I thought it would be!
In case you didn't know, purple is my favorite!
And this purple is the exact one I love!

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