Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Possible New Guy

If I was a good blogger, I would go back and read my previous posts and then link in this post the link to the old post...
But all that sounds confusing, right?
He he he!
Not really, I know - I'm just lazy!

Let me re-cap what a previous post of mine may or may not have said (I forget what I write and what I blab)....
Two weekends ago I went and looked at a few homes with a realtor. Although I did not really care for this husband and wife team (since I felt they did not know the area as well as I would have liked them to), I made the executive decision to continue with them. It was easier to stay with them then to look for someone else to represent me.
I no longer feel the same way.
I emailed them last Monday morning - 8 days ago and have not heard back from them.
Not a good sign.
I should not have to beg someone to help me look for a home and take a commission from that sale. If the housing market is so bad right now you would think they would want my business. Besides, all they did for me was line up a few showings at some of the houses I found all by myself on the internet. Not like I really needed them!

I can only assume either 1. they didn't think I was serious about buying a house or 2. they didn't think I was spending enough money.
Either way - screw them!
There loss, not mine!

So I asked my friend (who has lived here most his life) to ask his family member if he could help me look for a home or if he knew someone who could. My friend emailed me his information and I proceeded to call him today.
I wont lie to you all - I was kinda frightened nervous to call him.
Luckily one of my co-workers made me call him while at work.
He had to call me back though. At first I took this as a bad omen. However, he called me back as I was on my way home. He asked me where I was interested in living, how much I wanted to spend, what my future home must have and what I wanted it to have.
Three times he even told me I was the boss and he was working for me!
As of now I have a good feeling. I just hope it lasts.
I want a house!

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  1. I like what he sent you already. He's working for you honey!