Saturday, February 12, 2011

Didn't Take Much Convincing

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I knew when Matt arrived here yesterday he would have my present on him. :)
Yep, we exchange gifts on the Hallmark holiday!
We are SUPPOSE to have a $20 limit - some people do not follow the rules. Every year I tell Matt the limit for each holiday and he never listens! Never! (Matt, - you know it's true!)

However, with that being said, last night when he got here I told him I wanted to exchange gifts even though we weren't actually celebrating the holiday until Sunday. I didn't think he would agree. He did say no at first that we should wait, but I think he was curious to find out what I got him.
So he said yes!
Who hoo!
That meant present time!

I gotta give Matt credit, he put a lot of thought into my gifts.
This is probably the best he has ever done for me.
I feel I didn't do as good as him since I bought him exactly what he wanted which is what he usually does for me. But come to think of it, he never did ask what I wanted this holiday.

Here's my gifts from him:
Boy Meets World Season 4
---He got me seasons 1 - 3 for Christmas
Caramel Apple Pops
---We looked all over for these about a month ago with no luck
---This IS THE MOST THOUGHTFUL gift he has ever got me!
2 Banana Scented Bottles of Bath Bubbles
2 Banana and Coconut Bottles of Lotions
---My favorite scent is banana

Wanna see the funniest thing of all?
I questioned this when I opened them:
Matt said they were calling his name all week - he couldn't resist.
He ate two!
Ha ha ha!
I'm still laughing in my head just thinking about it!

I'm sure I would have ate them as well if the roles were reversed!
We are truly two peas in a pod!
Happy Valentine's Weekend!

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