Monday, February 28, 2011


Hello dear family and friends!
Sorry I have been MIA for so long.
I will get better at blogging one of these days.
I promise. 

I have been busy house hunting and searching for more houses to see online. So far I have not found the house for me. (And when I say busy - I might be exaggerating a tad bit.)
House hunting has been better with the new guy. He is very informative and seems to be very honest with me which I truly appreciate. Very straight forward.... which I cannot say about the last guy who was always trying to put a positive spin to anything negative I said. If I think a kitchen is too small - don't try to convince me otherwise!
(By the way, still haven't heard from that guy - his loss!)

I had found 2 houses I really wanted last weekend.
And then I went home and got my bubble popped twice.
The first home has horrible crime around the neighborhood/district and the second home was a few houses down from a bar and a liquor store. Not the homes for me.
Unfortunately I get too attached too quickly. With both homes I had them fully decorated in my head. I was ready to move in.
So now I am working on taking my time. As much as I want my own house, I know I need to practice patience.
Easier said then done of course.   :)

If you are a soon to be home buyer and just so happen to be reading my blog, make sure you look up your city's police website which will allow you to type in an address and let you see the recent crime in the area. Also make sure you drive by the home (from each direction) at different times of the day. These are 2 of the big things I have learned recently. Good advice.

Enough about home buying - let me tell you about my new favorite TV show - Parks and Recreation!!!
Have you seen this show???
It is laugh out loud funny!
Key words - out loud!
You will literally be laughing out loud!
Over the last 2 Thursday nights I have watched this show after The Office and I started to get hooked. I remembered seeing it on Netflix on streamline a few weeks ago - and sure enough, it was still there. I watched all 30 or so episodes in one week!
Crazy, I know.
(My mom was here this weekend and even she is hooked now! She didn't think she would like it.)
Tom is my favorite character, followed by Leslie!
Leslie is a secret hoarder! Ha ha ha!
They even have a Twilight themed episode which you can watch if your cable/satellite provided offers On Demand.
You will not be disappointed!

This evening while looking at the money saving blogs I usually read I stumbled upon a wonderful deal Kroger has going on right now:
On sale right now through Saturday is Charmin Toilet Paper (12 Double Rolls) and Bounty Paper Towels (8 Pack) for $5.99 each. When you go to to load coupons to your card make sure you add $3.00 off Charmin and $2.00 off Bounty. If you have this P&G coupon book I have in the picture, you can stack $1.00 off coupon on each item making them $2.99 for toilet paper and $3.99 for paper towels which is better then the CVS paper towels I bought yesterday for $5.49 (and better quality it seems).
Too bad you can only do this deal once.  :(

Friday, February 18, 2011

Target Valentine's Clearance

I just knew today was going to be the day Target brought all the Valentine's merchandise to 75% off.
And I was right!
I looked online at other blogs to verify I was correct and then Matt and I went shopping today. I did spend a little more then I had planned, but I ended up with some good stuff.
What you think?

The candy hearts are for my wreath that I have been wanting to make since Christmas - haven't been able to find the circular wreath from the Dollar Tree. I refuse to pay full price at Hobby Lobby! If you want these - $0.57 each.

My last Christmas present is finally here!
Who hoo!
The color is better then I thought it would be!
In case you didn't know, purple is my favorite!
And this purple is the exact one I love!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pizza and Hearts

I hate cravings!
All day while at work ALL I could think about was ordering pizza from either Papa John's or Papa Murphy's...
As of now, I have been good and haven't ordered from either place.
I am holding strong.
I won't lie and say I'm not still deeply thinking about the yummy goodness of the cheese melting in my mouth.
Or the aroma of the bread hanging in the air.
Just thinking about it makes my mouth water up.
I do need to return my Redbox movies later so hopefully I stay strong.
I did just make a batch of Rice Krispie Treats so I should be good.

I wanted to go shopping for Valentine's merchandise but have decided I shouldn't since I need to be saving my money for things like a downpayment and new furniture. I will be going to many of the Targets in my surrounding area once I find out the merchandise is 75% off.
I figure it is fair game for me to purchase at that point.
Don't you think?
If you don't, you should.
If you really think about it, I save money by buying it this year and not next year when I see all the pretty things.
Of course now you are probably thinking I could save money by not buying anything at all. And yes, you are right. But to be honest with you, I need more stuff!
I am a stuff collector!
He he he!
I love decorating for the holidays so I NEED heart decorations!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Love Day!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!
Matt and I celebrated with a Valentine's weekend! And when I say celebrated - I just mean we ate and ate and watched movies. Actually, I guess you could say we had a normal weekend. :)

Friday we exchanged gifts (see previous entry), had dinner at Penn Station Subs - used a coupon we won for buy any 1 sub, get an 8 inch sub for free from HERE, went to Target and then watched TV at home. A perfect evening in my opinion - all of my favorite things rolled into one evening.

Saturday we did our first day of house hunting with my new realtor.
I like the new guy. He seems very honest. Even Matt likes him! We went and saw several houses - 3 of the homes we saw I liked. Not enough to buy any of them though. At least not at the prices they were asking. I have bookmarked them on my computer to watch if they go down in price - this could change my mind.
I want my future house to feel like 'this could be home' when I walk in. I didn't get that feeling from any of them. I will keep looking. I don't want to rush into a home and then have regrets. This is a big purchase. I have a hard time making these sorts of commitments - just ask my mom or Matt.
After house hunting we did more driving around and a little shopping. Target has a wonderful clearance on all sorts of bathroom items and curtains (mostly 75% off).
Check out what I got for less then $30:
I saw a few other curtains I would have liked to buy, but of course I could only find one panel of each. Darn! Better luck next time I suppose.
Obviously everything I bought will be for my future new home. Target has a 3-month return policy so if I change my mind of any of my items I still have time to bring them back. Or in my case - if I find anything I like better.

We had our actual Valentine's lunch at P.F.Cheng's where I was extremely disappointed. We will not be eating there again. The spring rolls and service were the only things I enjoyed from my experience. We should have gone ANYWHERE ELSE.
We made desert at home - funnel cake... ENOUGH SAID! :)

Rented Secretariat which was an awesome movie and You Again which was boring. (Use the code BEMINE for a free movie from Redbox valid today 2/14 only.)

Sunday we did more driving around followed by lunch at Penn Station with another wonderful coupon before we ate Bruster's ice cream!
Bought the last 2 newspapers from the Dollar Tree we usually go to. Went to 2 other Dollar Tree's but could not find any more papers. I refuse to pay $1.75 each so I have settled with only 2 this week even though there were some good coupons (2 specifically that I would have liked).

Today I am by myself - with Wyatt. We ate dinner and then watched part of a movie together. Now we are sitting in my chair - him napping and me blogging
and looking at houses online.
All in all, a wonder past few days!
Happy Valentine's to us all!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Didn't Take Much Convincing

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I knew when Matt arrived here yesterday he would have my present on him. :)
Yep, we exchange gifts on the Hallmark holiday!
We are SUPPOSE to have a $20 limit - some people do not follow the rules. Every year I tell Matt the limit for each holiday and he never listens! Never! (Matt, - you know it's true!)

However, with that being said, last night when he got here I told him I wanted to exchange gifts even though we weren't actually celebrating the holiday until Sunday. I didn't think he would agree. He did say no at first that we should wait, but I think he was curious to find out what I got him.
So he said yes!
Who hoo!
That meant present time!

I gotta give Matt credit, he put a lot of thought into my gifts.
This is probably the best he has ever done for me.
I feel I didn't do as good as him since I bought him exactly what he wanted which is what he usually does for me. But come to think of it, he never did ask what I wanted this holiday.

Here's my gifts from him:
Boy Meets World Season 4
---He got me seasons 1 - 3 for Christmas
Caramel Apple Pops
---We looked all over for these about a month ago with no luck
---This IS THE MOST THOUGHTFUL gift he has ever got me!
2 Banana Scented Bottles of Bath Bubbles
2 Banana and Coconut Bottles of Lotions
---My favorite scent is banana

Wanna see the funniest thing of all?
I questioned this when I opened them:
Matt said they were calling his name all week - he couldn't resist.
He ate two!
Ha ha ha!
I'm still laughing in my head just thinking about it!

I'm sure I would have ate them as well if the roles were reversed!
We are truly two peas in a pod!
Happy Valentine's Weekend!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Possible New Guy

If I was a good blogger, I would go back and read my previous posts and then link in this post the link to the old post...
But all that sounds confusing, right?
He he he!
Not really, I know - I'm just lazy!

Let me re-cap what a previous post of mine may or may not have said (I forget what I write and what I blab)....
Two weekends ago I went and looked at a few homes with a realtor. Although I did not really care for this husband and wife team (since I felt they did not know the area as well as I would have liked them to), I made the executive decision to continue with them. It was easier to stay with them then to look for someone else to represent me.
I no longer feel the same way.
I emailed them last Monday morning - 8 days ago and have not heard back from them.
Not a good sign.
I should not have to beg someone to help me look for a home and take a commission from that sale. If the housing market is so bad right now you would think they would want my business. Besides, all they did for me was line up a few showings at some of the houses I found all by myself on the internet. Not like I really needed them!

I can only assume either 1. they didn't think I was serious about buying a house or 2. they didn't think I was spending enough money.
Either way - screw them!
There loss, not mine!

So I asked my friend (who has lived here most his life) to ask his family member if he could help me look for a home or if he knew someone who could. My friend emailed me his information and I proceeded to call him today.
I wont lie to you all - I was kinda frightened nervous to call him.
Luckily one of my co-workers made me call him while at work.
He had to call me back though. At first I took this as a bad omen. However, he called me back as I was on my way home. He asked me where I was interested in living, how much I wanted to spend, what my future home must have and what I wanted it to have.
Three times he even told me I was the boss and he was working for me!
As of now I have a good feeling. I just hope it lasts.
I want a house!

Quick Post Before Work

Let me start off by asking you a question...
Have I mentioned lately how much I HATE snow?

If I haven't, please let me take a few moments to mention it.
I HATE snow!We seem to have too much this year! I am SO ready for Spring! The ground hog predicted an early Spring right? I hate to doubt him, but I am beginning to....
As I sit here on my couch writing this (notice the time this was posted) I have my blinds open and can see the awful cold stuff.
Today, it has gotten me a 2 hour delay - but that's not a good enough reason for me to like it. I still gotta drive in it!

Okay, enough about that terrible topic. Hopefully soon I can blog about the beautiful sun and the warm light it brings us.
I must go start my car so it has some time to warm up before I head out to work. If I'm lucky it will be an uneventful trip.