Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reach For The REACH

I assume you know all about Kroger's Mega Deals going on right now...
If not, you need to go there website and check it out. 
(Don't tell me if you didn't know anything about it because I will be forced to start wondering if you live under a rock! He he he!)
The Mega Deal is you will receive $5.00 off when you purchase 10 participating items in a single transaction. Or you can look at it as $0.50 off each item when you buy 10. This is an awesome sale especially when you match coupons to the sale.

I am hoping you have some $0.50 or $1 off coupons on REACH floss and/or toothbrushes. Because if you do have any of these coupons, you will get them free.
$2.22 regular price
$1.49 on sale
-$.0.50 when you buy 10 items
=$0.99 each
- $1.00 or $0.50 (doubled) off coupon
My favorite price!

Matt, I bought firm toothbrushes for you..... I know how much you like them!

I might have to go get me some more floss since I still have more coupons. And just so you know, my store was fully stocked on these so yours might be as well. I was hoping they would have the waxed floss on sale making it free but that didn't happen. Oh well.

Moving on to my random 'whatevers' I feel like writing about...

Did you see the snow in the picture?
Yep... you guessed it - it snowed AGAIN!
I am so sick of snow!
When is Spring?
It seems so far away....
I cannot wait until the grass is green, the sky is blue, and the sun is shinning brightly.
I had to drive in it AGAIN today since work did not have a delay. Not only was the interstate barely plowed and salted, I saw an overturned vehicle. I sure hope the people inside the vehicle are okay. I said a quick prayer for them as I prayed to God I would make it into work safely. I did.
How on Earth do some of you tolerate living in a place where it snows all the time? I miss the days when school was cancelled due to just a little snow and you could sleep in and play.
Kids don't realize how good they have it! :)

Do you watch the show House Hunters on HGTV?
It is one of my favorite shows.
I enjoy looking at 3 homes and seeing which one they will choose. I like to pick out the one I would pick and which one I think they will pick and see if I am right.
Sometimes when I walk Wyatt - especially at night - and people have their blinds open, I like to see how other people decorate there homes.
No, I do not walk up to the window's and press my face to the glass.
LOL... not my style. I just look as I walk by. It is fun to see how people decorate regardless, but since I live in an apartment complex and we all have the same layout, I like to see how it can look when decorated differently.

In the 4th grade I had THE best teacher!
While at my parent's house my mom pulled out the plate I made.
I couldn't resist - I had to take a picture of it.
I haven't seen this plate in YEARS!
I wonder if any of my classmates still have there plate.
I can actually still remember coloring the circle shaped piece of paper that was later adhered to the plate.
I remember thinking I had to fully color the whole thing - no white spaces on my plate!

Well, by the words of Bugs Bunny - That's all folks!

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