Saturday, January 15, 2011

Purple & Silver = Beautiful!

Marvelous don't you think?
 If you read my post from HERE then you already know I bought TONS and TONS of plastic ball ornaments from Target after Christmas of 2009 (as in 2 years ago) with the intention of making a few wreaths before this past Christmas.
It never happened.
So here we are about 20 days after Christmas and I have just now got one wreath done.
2 more to go! 
Hopefully I get the other 2 done by the end of the month. 

This one is for my bedroom.
I have white and light purple bed linens so this will stand out nicely in there.
In case it's not obvious, purple is my favorite color.
He he he!
I'll have to remember to post a picture of the wreath once it is in its final spot either above my bed or on the wall that you can see from the hallway - not sure yet .

Do you want to make one of these?
Or maybe you are just curious how I made mine?

To make this beautiful work of art you must start with a lot of balls.
You could use any size of balls and any different amount of sizes, but I used about (If I had to guess) 120 balls... maybe...
I should have counted.
Use any color of balls you like. As you already know I chose purple and silver in a mixture of different shades and textures.
I only used 2 sizes.
Make sure you have some sort of circle shaped item use. I used a Christmas wreath bought from Hobby Lobby 2 years ago.

Here are all my big balls broken down into colors. I only started with 24 big purple balls which I feared would not be enough. Thankfully my little balls helped add more purple.
(See the boys looking in on us?) 

My mom and I both worked on this together.
We both had our own glue gun.
We used about 3 glue sticks total between the 2 of us.
It took about an hour and a half from start to finish to make this wreath.

Onto the instructions:
You literally just stick balls anywhere on your wreath.
Easy enough, right? 
My mom advised me to start in groups of three. Which basically means I took one color ball and placed 3 of them in different parts of the wreath at a time.
We didn't want this to look perfect so we spread out the balls and tried to not make the same pattern in all 3 spots.
Make sure you hold the glued ball down for a few seconds so it adheres to what you are sticking it to.
 Kept adding more balls.
Since my mom had made one of these a few years ago she knew we should periodically hang it up to see how we liked it. Each time we hung it on the wall we looked at it from a few different views to see which side needed more work.
 As you can see we started with only the larger balls.
The small balls did not go on the wreath until it looked good and full.
(I had a hard time imagining the finished project at first.)

Once we had all the bigger balls in place we added the smaller balls.
At one point while we had it on the wall we glued a few directly onto the wreath.
You could glue all the balls directly onto the wreath while it is on the wall - we just felt it was easier to do it while it was on the table. 
I had fun gluing them all on.
I was deeply concentrating and still managed to smile. (That tells you something.)
I was a bit nervous I would mess up when I first started, but as you can see, you can't mess this up. If one side doesn't look good, keep adding more balls until it does look good.

 See my mom's red wreath behind me?
We brought it into the kitchen for inspiration.

I'm sure it is hard to tell the size of this wreath so we measured it for you.
Click on each picture if you would like a better view.
This massive wreath measures in at about 2 feet wide and 2 feet long.

Tomorrow once we dig it out, we will shove pieces of silver garland into the places where there are gaps. This will help fill out the wreath even more. I'll add that picture to this post once we are done.

Overall, this was fun!
I did manage to burn my finger on hot glue once and my mom was even worse - she burned her finger twice!
Be careful with your glue gun.      


  1. Three blisters on three fingers!

  2. I think it looks better every time I look at it! Remember, you cannot make a mistake. Wasn't it so much fun? Thanks for doing this project with me; I had a great time - blisters and all! :)

    Love you!

  3. How seriously gorgeous! My mom has a strong fondness for purple and silver so I'm going to try very hard to make this for her. It's so gorgeous I'd hang it all year round!

  4. Very sweet! LOVE the purple and silver! Great job!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  5. Jessica it is beautiful! My Mom made one of these years ago as well, I love to hang it over our fireplace. I really like the colors you are SOOOOO Martha!

  6. Leslie - I too plan on keeping mine up all year round. I think it looks great above my bed... it adds that extra 'something' I have been looking for.
    Allie - I enjoyed linking up to your blog.
    Kobe - LOL... I only seem to make wreaths. :) Now I need to learn to use my sewing machine. Glad to hear you have a ball wreath too! I made another on Thursday night that I will be posting sometime this weekend.