Monday, January 31, 2011

House Hunting

I thought I would LOVE house hunting!
Boy was I wrong!

House Hunters - the TV show - had me believing I would enjoy myself. They didn't prepare me for all the driving around and writing addresses down followed by looking them up online to find out they weren't in my price range I would be doing all weekend.

However, the silver lining is that I KNOW I will find the house for me. It's just a matter of when and where. Fingers crossed it is sooner than later!

I did get some re-assuring news today.
I had went through a bank for pre-approval and was disappointed by what they offered me. I went though a loan agent and got such better information. So glad I called him! Made me feel a lot better about everything. The reason I am telling you this is so you know what I have learned. You should go through an actual mortgage company since they seem more educated on the matter.
I know in my heart the hard part will be finding the right place followed by making the actual purchase of the the home. Updating will be tough and annoying, but manageable. I think I will be more willing to do it since it will be mine. I am excited to decorate my painted walls with 'stuff' printed from my Circuit.
But let me not get ahead of myself.... I need to find the place first.
I will keep driving around, writing addresses and then looking them up when I get home.

Wish me luck!

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