Saturday, January 22, 2011

Have You Met Jake?

Whether you noticed it or not, I have been computer-less all week.
What a week, ha ha ha! (I missed my computer!)
My mom needed to borrow my computer since her MAC was unable to do what my PC could do. LOL! Guess MAC isn't so great after all, huh? Thank goodness I have an iPOD (MAC - I know) and was able to get online by that means. Of course, I do sit in front of a computer all day and could have gained access there if I was absolutely desperate. However, I am not the type of person to do my own personal 'work' on company time. That's not really fair to the people who pay my paycheck. Don't get me wrong, I will check my email every now and again, but I do not sit on there.
I could go on and on about this since it is one of my pet peeves... let's move on though.

I guess I should update you on my week even though I didn't do very much.
Certain people - I wont name any names - demand blog postings.
No joke!

Last weekend I had gone home for the 3 day weekend. Not only did I make a pretty wreath, but Matt and I hung out at his house and watched 2 duds - 'Easy A' and 'The Town'. Both were decent -  I would not recommend renting them. Last night we rented 'Takers' and 'Despicable Me' which were both good; I do recommend these ones. The Minions were so darn cute! I want to take them and hug and squeeze them like Elmyra from Tiny Tunes (remember her??). 
We also played with his wild and crazy dog - Jake.

See Jake walk...
See Jake sit pretty...
 See Jake lay and lick his nose...
 See Jake Smile...
 See Jake pose...
 See Jake drink from the hose...
 See Jake play...
 And play (he loves this ball)...
 See Jake... have a picnic???
Such a good dog!

This week was spent working. Also had a lot of training classes. 
I did become white belt certified in Lean Six Sigma!
Very excited about this!
Ever hear of it?
I hope to start studying for my green belt. Which means I will also need to get involved in a project to become certified. I definitely need to start looking into this ASAP.

I did have my crochet class on Tuesday night where I learned the double and triple 'stitch'. I don't like the triple, the double looks good though. I will practice by making a few dish clothes. (Hint, hint, hint)

Look what I made Thursday night while it snowed and snowed:
I do see one spot where I need to add another ball. I will fill it in when I make my final Christmas ball wreath one day next week. The next one will be red, white, and blue - very patriotic for all of those holidays!
Looks very similar to my silver and purple ball wreath - a little smaller in size though. I think this one will look great along side all my Christmas decorations next year.
The actual wreath beneath the balls originally had a string of lights through it that I had to cut out since the balls would not lay nicely on top of it. That was a pain in the you know what! The lights were even wrapped around some of the branches! Make sure you buy a wreath with no lights if you make this. (Take my word on this one.)

Well, that is really all I have been up to this past week. Matt is here and we plan on having a very nice lazy weekend. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Pretty face on Jake. :) I lurve the wreath! Proud you did that by yourself. I did catch the hint regarding dish excited! Ready for you to teach me.

  2. He is sweet!
    It was snowing so it made a good craft evening.
    I will teach you any day you want. LOL! :)