Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Comfy Cow

Cute title, right?
Actually, it is an ice cream shop.
Very yummy ice cream!
Which means I should tell you Matt and I have already cheated on our diet.
Well worth it though.
We were out this morning shopping and decided to get some lunch at Penn Station Subs so I typed the name into my Garmin and as usual she told me it was 5 miles away which ended up being like 10 miles (I'll be buying a Tom Tom next time) and we went through some areas we had never been. We drove by the neatest shopping area called Westport Village.
After we ate lunch we decided to go back and check it out. Of course it was too cold to walk around, but we did drive around.
- Mom, you would love this area -
Here are a few pictures I took with Matt's iPhone:
Doesn't it look cute?
This is definitely a place we plan on walking through once it is warmer.
The shopping area has a bunch of restaurants Matt and I want to look up online and then maybe try out. We have never heard of most of the places here. Very neat.

Back to the ice cream...
After seeing this sign, how could we refuse???
 It was on there window.
All the ice cream is homemade. Click here to check out there website. Make sure you really do look at it. They have all sort of funny named flavors. I tried Cookie Monster Dough and Minty Chocolate Chippy. Matt tried Banana Nana Fofana and Peanut Peanut Butter Butter. Had we of known they also had rotating flavors, we might have made other decisions... we will back again though.

Here's the inside of the place:

Worth a visit if you live in the area or plan on visiting the area.

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