Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cheap; I Mean REALLY Cheap

Can you say '90% off' ???
I had read online that Target had all there Christmas clearance for 90% off... this was on Tuesday or Wednesday but I just couldn't bring myself to go shopping. I kept reading about everyone's good deals... made me a bit jealous if you want me to be completely honest.
Now that the weekend is here and I have my shopping buddy (Matt) here I finally went to Target today. Imagine my surprise when I see items still left on the shelf! Usually they remove the Christmas items a day or two after they have been marked 90% off.
I didn't really need anything and I am trying to save money - I just couldn't help myself. I have a hard time passing up a good deal.

I had read on a blog or a blog comment (wish I remembered where so I can thank the person for writing about it) how someone had bought Christmas stocking for really cheap and with each stocking a coupon was included for 20 free picture prints. (That was one of the deals I was jealous of.)
In the end, I bought 38 at $0.49 each - 6 are for my mom. So counting my mom's 6, I spent $18.62 before tax for 760 pictures!

Read a blog a few minutes ago who wrote about the stocking - this is why you should always read the fine print which I didn't do. It is actually get 20 free prints when you buy 20. I will be returning most of these.
I thought about buying some more, but I decided not to put anymore in my cart. So those of you that live near me will be glad to know there are a lot more on the shelves - so be on the lookout!
The stocking are ugly.
And I mean UGLY with a capital U G L Y!
I might keep a few and try to sew something on top of the words (on the plain red ones) for gifts, but the others I would like to see if I can donate them to my local humane society. Maybe they can give them out for free to people who buy a new dog or cat around Christmas time.

We also went to Wal-Mart where I bought a few more Christmas items (all $0.25 each) and got my free after coupons hot chocolates and floss.
Also went to Walgreens to buy some cheap Splenda - On sale for $2.99, go to and print 2 separate coupons for $2 off manufactures coupons to make these $0.99 each. (Valid on the 80 count fiber packets and 3.8 ounces of granulated sugar.)

Since I never showed you what I bought at Target when it went 75% off - please enjoy.
I love shopping!
Had tons of fun today!
Wish Saturday wasn't almost over....

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