Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Recap!

Merry late Christmas!
I hope everyone had a joyful time with their family and friends.... I know I did.
Since I have been too lazy/unmotivated to get on here and blog I need to update you on how my holiday season went down since I am in the mood to actually get on here.
(Please note I am still mad at Blogger for the picture incident and still plan to do more research on getting my own website.)

Let me start from the very beginning...
At work, the week before Christmas, we did Secret Santa leading up to our Christmas lunch on Friday. Secret Santa is a 'game' where everyone who wants to participate has there name placed in a hat and everyone picks a name out of it. You aren't suppose to tell who you have and if you get your own name you are suppose to draw another one. All you do is each day give them a gift. We had answered a few quick questions to help our Secret Santa with what we liked. At the Christmas lunch we all tried to guess who we had.
Really lots of fun. We did this last year as well and it worked out nicely.

My co-worker friend is who picked my name - she was very thoughtful with what she chose for me.
Check out the Friday gift I received:
How cool is this???
I haven't used it yet, but I have big plans. I love it! I have never seen anything like it. She said she saw it and just knew that was what she getting me. She said it screamed me. :)
I like how it even included recipes. My mom's husband keeps joking he hasn't gotten any cupcakes yet. I will definitely need to get to work before I visit them again. Who knows, he might not let me in the house without them.

We also played White Elephant which is where everyone brings in a gift with no name on it. Everyone draws a number - lowest number person picks a present off the table and keeps it (they get to go again last). The next lowest number picks a gift off the table and can either trade for a previous gift or keep the one they have. Going from the lowest number to the highest everyone picks a gift.
I ended up with a gift card to Texas Roadhouse. I went to this restaurant once during my brother's freshmen year in college (almost 5 years ago) so I don't really remember what it was like. Matt and I plan on going there this weekend so I hope it is yummy!

My mom went and painted this bad boy:
She created it at a local place in her town where they teach you to paint a certain painting. She went with two of her friends and said they had a blast!
Now I wanna go!
I'm jealous!
Guess I should of went - she invited me.
We plan to go next month when I am home. Let's hope I can make something as beautiful as this one!
I hope to use it in my future space (I'll talk about this another day.)

Moving on to Christmas Eve...
Luckily since Christmas Day fell on Saturday we got Friday off from work.
I went home to my mom's house to spend the holiday there.
Christmas Eve my family all went to lunch at one of our local favorite restaurants where we enjoyed ribs and all the fixings. Mmmm!!!
Matt and I had already went and saw the lights on the river and the house that is lit up and blinks to Christmas music so we didn't have too much to do that night. After church we decided to exchange presents. (See below for pictures and details).

Christmas morning meant present time with my family
This picture doesn't do my mom's tree justice.
For lunch/dinner we had a wonderful ham.
 After two nice meals the eight pound ham was completely ate. :(
I wanted to take some home with me.
I really will have to buy a whole ham and get the recipe from my mom.
If I can get it for a good price I'll make it this weekend.

Here's all the great gifts my family and Matt gave me:
From Matt:
Ipod Touch
4 TV shows on DVD
Stuffed animal
Water bottle

From my parents:
Food saver
Sonicare toothbrush
Floating Shelves
Ipod docking station
Cutting boards
Iron board
Sewing machine box

 Matt and I get along well (I think) because we both love TV and movies so much!
We always buy each other movies and TV shows on DVD. These were two of my favorite shows growing up.
Matt's parents got me Eclipse - I picked it out so of course I had to get the one with ALL the extras!

Isn't he adorable???
I have a small collecting of giraffe stuffed animals - this one will make a great addition.
Purple is my favorite color!

 My mom got me this cupcake since she noticed my Halloween one in my kitchen last time she was here.

Is this frame cute or what?
My brother got this for me and it is perfect! I plan to put it next to Wyatt's leash.

We even had a white Christmas!
First time TN has had this in 17 years!
It was wonderful!
The best part was how the snow was just a dusting - the roads were mostly clear which meant I was able to drive home easily on Sunday.

My mom, brother, and myself did a little after Christmas shopping on Sunday. I only bought a few items since I am cheap and prefer to wait until the clearance is at least 75% off.
I did buy a pink tree I have been wanting all year!
Just wait until you see it!
I have big plans!

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  1. That picture totally rocks! HA! Keep checking the calendar and we'll have a big time one weekend. Chris would like to come too (hopefully this time she can manage to not spill the raspberry wine - someone commented that it looked like a crime scene! LOL! I have been told to let you know there is a two cupcake fee to come home! Love you.