Saturday, December 11, 2010

Card Games and Food

Sorry I have been MIA so much these days.
I don't have a good excuse so I wont bother trying to come up with one.

Last time I posted on here blogspot told me I was over on my free picture limit.
What a BUMMER!
Okay I thought... I'll just delete some of my old pictures. (Which is what I did.) But unfortunately, you can no longer view those pictures on my blog at all.
Well that sucks!
So I thought I would research how to get my own website.
Sounded like a great idea at the time.
I looked up buying a domain - easy enough. Can cost as low as $1.99/year. That's good.
Now I need a host. Not sure what a host is. So I looked it up. Gotta pay monthly for that. Also need a site to store all my pictures. So now I am thinking this is going to become expensive. Not really worth it.
I do still want my own website though - need to do more research.
Will work on that one of these days. It would be nice to have more control of it. Have some big changes planned in the next few months so I know I'll have lots to write about.

Completely changing subjects-

Last weekend Matt and I went to Winston's here in Louisville for dinner. It was good and we had great service - just too fancy for us. Luckily we had a $25 gift certificate that I paid $3 which made the meal about $30.
Check out what we ate:
 (Salmon alone was delicious!)
The main chef came out after our first steak stack (this explains 2 pictures of the same dish) asking how we enjoyed the food. We both told him we enjoyed it. He told us the interns had overcooked the tortilla and he wanted to know if we would like another one. At this point we almost had the entire plate ate. We both told him it was okay. He kept insisting finally telling us they had to make it again either way so they would learn. He now wanted to know if we would at least pick at it. Matt said we would.
So we got 4 "meals" for the price of 3.
Overall, we were not impressed for the price. Wont go there for dinner again.

Went there for lunch today.
WAY better!
Here's what we had:
Lunch is MUCH better! Much better options/ more options. Matt and I like simple foods - dinner was to fancy for us. We are simple people.
Had the same good waitress. She even gave us the college discount even though we told her we weren't college students.

New topic...
Need some present ideas?
Hasbro has 4 great coupons to print (you can print 2 of each coupons per computer).
Matt and I went to Target today to score some good deals.

4 Picureka! cards games $5.04 each
4 Sorry! Revenge card games $5.24 each 
4 Trivial Pursuit Steal card games $5.24 each
2 Hungry Hungry Hippos $4.99 each

Had enough coupons for $5 off from each game.

I will keep a few for me and donate the rest.
Which reminds me, I need to look online as to where I can donate them for Christmas. I also have a few other games/toys I want to donate. I told Matt we need to start "collecting" even more free and cheap toys/games for next year.

You should definetly go out and get some of these games for people on your Christmas list.

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