Sunday, November 14, 2010

No Fun Being Sick

It has been a very long week for me.
Long... with a capital "L" "O" "N" "G"!
Besides work, I have not really gone anywhere. My poor baby has hardly been outside and he has been stuck in bed with me.
(He's no complaining though.)
We are both basically beginning to feel stir crazy.
Too bad I'm still not feeling 100%.

I started feeling ill Monday afternoon while at work and it seemed to just get worse. Tuesday at work I even ran out of tissues and had to use toilet paper. :(
Thankfully I had already stocked up on extra boxes of tissues so I was able to bring in another box, but I can assure you my nose was RED.
Monday and Tuesday I really just thought I was having a bad case of allergies.
Tuesday evening when I got home I took some more medicine and went to bed around 5 PM. I was beginning to think I had a bigger issue then allergies.
Looking back I should have stayed home from work on Wednesday. I had a lot of interaction with customers which probably wasn't the smartest idea.
(I didn't have any choice though.)

Side note - About 5 or 6 of us at work have been sick or have allergies this week. I really hope none of us are infecting others. I fear some of us might be doing just that though. If they are like me, they feel too overwhelmed to miss work or they would rather just go instead of calling out and having to hear "her" get mad.
Thursday I was off work for Veteran's day. Yay!
I slept most of the day.

Friday I went back to work and sat at my desk working. I tried not to get up to much or talk to too many people. I then went home where I went to sleep until Matt arrived. I stayed up long enough to eat and watch a little TV. Was back in bed by 8 I think.

Yesterday was much better. Stayed up all day until 8:30. We just stayed home and watched TV and Netflix.
We watched 2 movies we both liked when growing up.
Matt picked "Full Metal Jacket" and I picked "Labyrinth".
Labyrinth was exactly how I remember it! It's not a movie I'll watch again anytime soon, but I was glad I got to re-live those memories.

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