Monday, November 1, 2010

Finished Product

Hope you all had a good Halloween yesterday.
We ended up sitting here watching TV.
(I ordered Nerflix and we have been watching it "live" through my Wii - it is AWESOME!)

I was all prepared with my candy and only ended up getting 7 trick or treaters. :(
And to think, I was nervous I would not have enough candy. I live in an apartment complex... I thought for sure I would get a bunch of kids knocking on my door!
Not even the 3 little kids in my building came by!
Did you get any kids at your door?
I guess they either don't trick or treat or they do activities like "Trunk or Treat" (Church for example).

I wanted to show off my finished Halloween Candy Corn Wreath:
(Ignor the white ribbon for now.) 
I found this perfect spider at Michael's the other night.
When you last saw my Halloween wreath, all I had done was create it.
I have spayed it with glitter, sealed it with 2 coats, and applied my spider.
 Can you see the glitter???
 It turned out better then I thought it would.
The white ribbon on top is only there until I go to Hobby Lobby and buy black ribbon. I think the black will look much better then the white.

Changing the subject...
Check out your local Kroger ad. They have there Mega sale going on right now which means you get $5 off any 10 participating items.
 I bought all these things above for a little over $10.00 after Mega sale's $5 off and coupons.

All of these above items were purchased for almost $8.

I plan on making at least one more trip for a few more items.
I wont break down all the prices - but do check out for the deals.
In yesterday's paper, cut out the $0.40 off any Colgate toothbrush for $0.20 toothbrushes. You can also print $1.00 off coupons from HERE.
Tons of soup coupons over the last few weeks or you can go HERE for some good ones.
(Mom, I'll tell you how I did it over the phone.)

Good luck finding some deals!

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