Friday, November 26, 2010

Family Thanksgiving

After getting a few hours of sleep I was good to go once again.
Translation: My brother and I decided to go to a few more stores to find anything good.

I woke up to find my mom feeling better which was nice. She said she felt like cooking Thanksgiving lunch.

I was hoping this would happen before I had to leave to go home.

I should have took a picture of our food.
It was yummy!
Took her 5 hours to make - 15 minutes for us to gobble a plate full.
I always hate that! :(
Seems like such a waste.

The babies got sick of watching us eat...
Both of them fell asleep while we were eating. Of course I am sure Wyatt would have woken up at the sound of the tiniest piece of food dropping.
He he he!

Today is mine and Matt's 5 year anniversary!!!
Where does the time go?
He bought me some new diamond earrings... I had 1/5ct. and now thanks to him I have 1/3ct. earrings.

Thank you Matt!
I love them!

We want to Opryland Hotel to view the Christmas lights but the traffic was awful and there was no where to park.
So we ditched that idea and went to do some shopping. I finally decided to get some free items from CVS and Walgreens. Unfortunately, I was starting with no beginning Reward money.
I still need to add up how much money we spent. I don't think it was too much.

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