Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Shopping

Matt and I just finished our shopping.... before 5 AM! I thought for sure we wouldn't be done until after 6 AM or so. I'm glad I was wrong.
I went to bad got in bed at 8 last night and set my phone alarm for 11:35 PM to be up when Matt got here around midnight to head out for some Black Friday shopping.

This has been our best experience yet!

We got almost everything we wanted!
We got all the important items we wanted with ease.
I didn't get the comforter I wanted, but I really didn't need it.

Wanna read about our experience?
Okay, I'll tell ya.

About 11:45 PM I let Wyatt out to go to the bathroom and wouldn't you know it was snowing!
Big flakes!
Big flakes that were sticking to the ground!
So I called Matt and told him maybe this wasn't such a smart idea since it was snowing. He said the roads in town were fine - they were much worse where he lives.
Once he picked me up we went straight to Wal-Mart on WR.
It was crazy!
Not a single parking spot available! We had to park at the White Castle (so did others).
The line in the store was as bad as it was when I stayed up until midnight to buy New Moon when it first came out. We figured we might as well collect all the things we wanted since we were already there. We would just stand in the long line and move on. Not too big of a deal - just a big pain in the butt!

We found a few of the DVDs we wanted and the external hard drive I wanted that I thought wouldn't be on sale until after 5 AM. I scanned it and it rang the $70 it was supposed to ring after 5. I figured I would try to buy it since all the small electronics were already out. We found the Tupperware containers with ease (one of Matt's Christmas presents to his mom).
When we had originally walked by the clothing area, there was no room to look in the displays for the hoodies and other items we were looking for. People with there carts were just stopping anywhere and you could barely move through the area.
Since the line was terribly long I figured we should try to see if we could get on the backside of the boxes. We were successful - found all the colors and sizes we needed. I assume not many other people had thought to go around to the other side. They were barely picked through at all!
While walking around the store one more time we saw a small line forming around the paint department. Curious we looked to see what they were waiting for. They were checking out! We got soooo lucky!
So instead of waiting in line 2 hours, we waited 15 minutes!

After Wal-Mart we decided to check out Old Navy (arrived at 12:54).
They had all adult jeans $14.99 each.
There was a line to get in the store and then the line to check out was all the way wrapped around the store. Matt wanted to leave but I told him we might as well stay since the next store we wanted to go to didn't open until 3 AM. Good thing we waited. It only took 5 or 10 minutes to get in the actual store. I stood in line as soon as we got in while Matt looked for clothes. Then he stood in line while I looked. It worked out nicely. Everyone around us was doing the same things.
We were out of the store around 2:10 AM; I think. I feel it was well worth it - we bought 5 pairs of jeans, 2 hoodie jackets, and a pair of peppermint twists (candy canes) pj pants.

We decided to skip Kohl's at 3 AM and go later to make room for another trip to a different Wal-Mart. We stopped at the M. Wal-Mart to find no lines. We got a few more DVDs we wanted. They had none of the electronics out. I overheard someone say they would not be out until 5 AM (like they were supposed to be). Matt commented to me how we should have got the Blu-ray player he wanted from the first Wal-Mart since it was already out.
Not a problem for me - we went back to the first Wal-Mart and bought the DVD player as well as an inexpensive camera for him. (We got the last camera).

-Not sure why this Wal-Mart already had the electronics out. I'm sure people who waited to shop until 5 AM will be mad since they are sold out of a lot of the items.-

At this point it was almost 4 AM.
We had no intention of going to Target, but let me tell you - the line of people was all the way to the other side of the building! Past the doctor clinic (if you are familiar with the area)!
I didn't think they had anything too great.
I'm not so sure anything is worth that long of a line.

Since Kohl's looked packed and we had nothing else to do since we were no longer waiting for Wal-Mart at 5 AM I told Matt and I wanted to go Electronic Express to see if we could get the 32 GB Ipod touch. They were advertised to open at 5 AM and I didn't mind waiting in line for an hour. We were going to price match this at Wal-Mart at first but the line for the electronics department was already long. I decided if I didn't get one here, we would just have to pay full price later.
When we go there not many people were in line. I felt lucky! The manager came out asking us what we were all wanting to buy. When I told him what I wanted he said he would go get me a ticket.
That meant they still had at least one left!
(This is not the newest one just so you know.)
I'm not sure if I got the last one, but when someone a few people behind me asked for 2, the manager came back saying he didn't have any more tickets. He said they might have more, but not any with tickets.
Yay for me at least!
They also had an LG Blu-ray for $70 which was the same price for the Magnavox one from Wal-Mart. Matt decided to buy it and wants to return the one to Wal-Mart.
To make this even better, they opened the store at 4 AM - a whole hour earlier!
Once done with this store it was 4:30 AM. Matt said he should go to Kohl's since the lines would probably be shorter now. The parking lot still looked full, but fewer cars then when we drove by earlier. We walked in and the lines looked decent. We went to the back of the store to buy the comforter I wanted. We ran into a friend of Matt's and while they were talking I asked a guy what line he was in. He said he was in line to check out. I told Matt we were not waiting! So we left.

So now I am blogging and then I am going to sleep. I am finally starting to get tired.

Talk about a good night!
Such a good Black Friday shopping experience!
If you went shopping I hope yours was as smooth as mine!

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