Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What Is This?

During the first opportunity we had to go play in the ocean I got tired of jumping into the waves and decided to sit at the edge of the water ao the water could still keep me cool.
While sitting, I was digging my fingers into the sand to find sea shells.
At one point I found one of these: 
 Then I found another.
Both were very interested in getting back under the sand and both had lovely soft purple shells.
We didn't know what they were, but figured they must be some sort of crab.
On the last day at the beach when I was taking pictures, I found the one pictured (dead) on the beach.
I have taken the following pictures hoping someone (maybe you) knows what this is.
You can tell they aren't very big.
I'm just curious.

Oh, we also think we saw 2 jelly fish at night washed onto the shore. He poked at them with our glowsticks which looking back was probably not very smart. I wish we had a flashnight to know for sure. Each night we walked on the beach we kept saying we need to buy one and we never did.
Go figure!


  1. Looks like a sand crab.

  2. Thank you!
    That sounds so obvious, but we had no clue!