Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ready For Halloween!?!?

Are you ready for Halloween?

Wyatt is!
He is all decked out in his pumpkin Halloween shirt from last year.
(It got cold starting yesterday and I thought it was appropriate.)
 Matt had a treat for him.
 He loves treats!
He'll sit pretty and dance for them!
 He loves them so much that he wanted another one.... as usual.
 Matt wont give him another one but he thinks if he looks at mommy he will get another one.
Unfortunately, he was wrong.
So time to pout... shortly followed by admitting defeat and sleeping.
 He does look adorable though.

At Target yesterday I gave in and bought the new Taylor Swift CD.
I got the one with the extra songs.
She is one of my favorites - felt I should support her.

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