Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkins, Cotton, and a Corn Maze

Don't you just LOVE fall

I do!
It signifies good things to me.
It mean Halloween and Thanksgiving are right around the corner along with mine and Matt's anniversary, then my birthday. Shortly to be followed by the wonderful holiday known as Christmas.
When I was younger, it used to mean school was about to start, but I am over that now. So no negative thoughts towards fall from me.

Today Matt and I went to Boyd's Farm where we bought a few small pumpkins that I want to use as decorations in my home, picked some cotton, and went through a corn maze.
(We actually did everything in reverse order.)
I had so much fun!
The lady (I think she owns the place) told us it would take about 30 -35 minutes to complete the maze and that is was on 6 acres of land. Sounded good to me.

Warning: Wear shoes you don't mind getting dirty. I wore flip flops and Matt were his newer Nikes and dry dirt made me feet and our shoes dirty.

Let me tell you, the cornstalks were actually tall and thick enough that you could not cheat by looking through or over them. Even Matt was pleasantly surprised.
They had a good maze.
Not very easy to figure out.
I was so lost... good thing Matt has some sense of direction.
It took us about 40 minutes to get through the maze. Well worth our $8 we spent for the two of us!
At one point I thought we would never complete it and I would just have to get out of the maze. It was fun, but I do not like the thought of being lost.

When we first got to the farm, we saw cotton plants and saw people picking from them which I thought was rude. However, while in line paying for our admission to the corn maze I read the sign that we could pick cotton for free - just not the actual plants.
So of course I had to do this too!
Cotton is so neat. I'm sure you will be thinking "duh" in your head.... but the cotton actual felt like cotton balls. I took some home with me and now I just need to find something to do with it. We saw one family take a whole grocery bag full of the stuff. I was wondering if they know how to make something with it. How odd.

These are the pumpkins I bought for decoration.
I didn't want anything big since these will all stay inside.
I love the green and white ones because they look unique. Maybe I should have bought a few more.


  1. Hi Jessica! I found you from the Fiesty Three & Family's blog. I am your newest follower! :-)

    Yes, I love fall too. It is my favorite season!

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    ~ Tina
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  2. Thanks for becoming a follower and commenting on my little Wyatt. He is truly my baby boy. :)