Sunday, October 24, 2010

Maker's Mark Distillery

Matt and I went to Maker's Mark Distillery yesterday.
The tour was not as good as the Jack Daniels' - but still good.
I had fun.
Matt had fun.
We plan on going to all 6 distilleries on the Bourbon trail so we can get our free t-shirt.
All you have to do is get 6 stamps from all 6 places on your "passport".

Check out Maker's Mark:

 I love this bridge.
 The picture above is the oldest operating drive-thru liquor store in the United States.

They actually let you taste the "stuff".  The liquid itself really does not have a taste. However, Matt pushed my finger in further after I took this picture and I was forced to lick it off. The "stuff" tasted nasty. Yuck!

 The bottling portion is not in operation on weekends. I would have enjoyed seeing the actual process taking place.
 All these barrels are moved by hand!
I sure would hate to have that job!
Here's what an empty building looks like. Kinda neat.

Next on our trip we went to Heaven Hill. We were late for the last tour. We got there at 4:05 which was when the last tour was starting. The lady said it was full. That's okay though. We did some walking around and still got our "passport" stamped.

 They had some cool artwork made from the barrels.

This family was my favorite.
They are very adorable.
I stopped the car in the street to take this picture.
Such a good imagination these people have.

It was too late to tour any other places - we will go another day and do some more.
At least we have 2 of our 6 distillery tours done.
4 more to go.
I want my free t-shirt!


  1. Hope you get a chance to come back and take the free Kentucky Cooperage (bourbon barrel-making factory) tour! It's terrific. Maker's Mark Distillery is located just outside downtown Lebanon and Lebanon is also home of the Cooperage. Great companion piece for our wonderful distillery tour. We also have a wonderful Heart of Kentucky Boubon & Barrels Getaway package. Learn more at

  2. We will be back... we need all our stamps on our passports! :)