Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Was MIA For A Good Reason

Have you been wondering where I have been?

Any guesses?

I was on vacation!!!

Yep, you read that right.
I said wrote vacation.
I actually got to get away. Such a nice feeling!
So nice being away from work - which by the way, I did not think about at all.
4 wonderful days off!
We need to plan another vacation very soon.

My best friend Heather got married over the weekend in Myrtle Beach (on the beach) and I was one of the bridesmaids. When she first told me she was getting married on the beach I pictured the actual wedding on the sand. That was not the case. They got married on a patch of grass next to the sandy area. I think all the pictures taken will be facing the ocean though. Hope so at least. Then you would never know she didn't actually get married on the beautiful white sand. Either way, the wedding was very pretty. It would be a great place to get married.

Matt and I went down on Wednesday and got back Sunday night.
Wish we could have stayed longer. :(
Our time there went by way too quickly.
Of course it rained all the first day we were there and then some of the second day.

We got VERY lucky with the hotel I booked. I didn't want to stay at the hotel where they were getting married since the rooms did not include a kitchenette. Plus, all her out of town relatives and friends were staying there and I didn't to feel like I had to hangout with them. Sounds kinda mean, huh? I'm not meaning to be mean.... I promise. I just wanted us to have some peace and quiet and not be bothered by anyone we know.
I booked the Dunes Village Resort since it was on the beach AND had a kitchenette.
The pictures speak for themselves:

Please ignore the messy room. (We had just got there and were tired).
The beautiful view from our balcony...
We had a straight view to the ocean, but since I was trying to take pictures of the resort amenities, it looks like we had a side view.
 The front of the hotel...

Our hotel had at least 4 regular pools, a lazy river pool, 4 water slides, 6 holes of mini-golf, hammocks, volleyball court, playground for small children, and much more.
We were very pleased with our ocean-front room.
I plan on remembering the room number so I can request the same room when we come here again.

I definitely recommend staying here if you ever go to Myrtle Beach on vacation. I do plan on showing more pictures of our trip, but I will be doing it over a few posts. (I know my mom is excited to see these so I want to get them out in steps.) 

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