Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Appleumpkin Festival

Had a great weekend!
3 day weekends are always WAY better then 2 day weekends.
Obviously, right?

Saturday I met my mom in Bowling Green for lunch and to give her Wyatt to dog-sit while I was away this weekend. I'm sure he is wondering where I am - he's still there. I'll see him very soon though.
Matt came down that evening and we did some shopping and watched the movie Iron Man 2. Good movie... I was worried it wouldn't be as good as the first one - it was even better.

Sunday Matt, his sister and I left at 6 AM to go to Tecumseh, Michigan for his family reunion. Took about 5 hours to get there and then we only stayed about 5 hours. It was nice to see all of Matt's extended family on his dad's side. Plus, we had some tasty food. Matt's dad even went and got him and I Carmel apples.
Carmel apples are my favorite - I think the apple were probably locally grown.

When we had first got to town I saw a pumpkin patch I wanted to visit. I told Matt we had to stop there on the way home. They also had a corn maze that I was sure would be fun to explore. We also drove through the center of the town's Appleumpkin Festival which I definitely wanted to stop at. I didn't think we would be able to go to the festival due to time constraints.
However, I am grateful we got to his aunt's house with time to spare because his dad told us to leave for a little while and go to the festival. They had all sorts of booths selling all sorts of different items.
I bought Wyatt a hat (I took a picture of it but decided not to post it until you get to see him in it) and some poop bags. All I got for myself with a grape cup of shaved ice.

The only pictures I took while at the festival were of some adorable "people".
This one is my favorite!
Some people are so creative!
One day when I own my own house, I will make one of these to place by my front door or by a tree.
I can already picture him looking like the cute guy above.

We also stopped at the pumpkin patch as we were leaving town that I had seen when we first got to Tecumseh.
I couldn't resist getting a picture taken in front of there cute fall carriage.

Check out this pumpkin patch!
In all the years I can remember, I don't remember ever going to an actual pumpkin patch. I might have gone before, just not that I can recall. All I rememebr ever doing is picking out a pumpkin from the ones the owner had already picked from the patch.

I felt just like Charlie Brown and the gang!
Only... these were much smaller then they seemed in the movie.
 These pumpkins were still attached to roots!
 While there we even got to see some pigs...
 and a baby cow.

I had full intentions of buying a pumpkin for my kitchen table... not one from the pumpkin patch, but a small one that they had already gathered. Unfortunately I couldn't find someone quick enough to check out with. Nor did we explore the corn maze due to... stomach issues....
I had to go #2 really bad!




  1. Yes, TMI! And, yes, you have been to a pumpkin patch AND picked your own pumpkin! It was a LONG time ago, when we lived on Fort Campbell but it was Boyd's. You had a school field trip; I tagged along. If memory serves me, you were repulsed by the DIRT on the pumpkin! LOL!

  2. LOL!
    We went to Boyd's today... I'll be posting later. Pumpkin patches are fun - but the dirt is still no fun. :)