Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cincinnati Zoo Followed By Ikea

Yesterday we went to the Cincinnati zoo... by far the coolest zoo we have been to!
And we have been to some good zoos!
I had a few awesome experiences that I have never had which made this trip very memorable.

First and foremost, I got to feed a cracker to a giraffe!
Not everyone can say they have done this!
When we first got to the zoo, I asked Matt if he wanted to go left or right. He said right since more people were going left. made good logic sense since we both don't like crowds while at the zoo. (By the way, this was a perfect day weather and people wise - not too hot and not too many people.)

We saw the elephants then headed to the giraffes. We walked up at 1:17PM.... feeding time was 1-1:30.
How lucky!
Pay $1 for a cracker.
Do not break it apart. Do not touch the animals.
Matt didn't want to feed these guys.... but I sure did!
 This one tried to lick me!
Everyone has said I should have let him.
I'm thinking I should have - it would have been neat to feel how his tounge licked my arm.
(There were 3 giraffes.)
By far the coolest thing I have EVER done at the zoo!!!

It was amazing!!!
I would have fed another cracker - but more people were coming though and I wouldn't have been able to spend anymore then a few seconds with the giraffes the second time around. I was next to them for about 2 minutes for these pictures.

I also saw these animals:
 This polar bear was playing with his "toy".
This guy was waiting to have his picture taken before he jumped into the water. 
 I loved this black bear.... reminded me of my dog.
 Has to dig in his bed to make a good spot.
 Sweet success!
 This lion was very alert.
 When we got to the exhibit a lady told us we just missed him chasing a squirl. If only we hadn't stopped to pee!

I loved this zoo!
I am sure we will go to it again.
I hated the $7 parking... was okay with the half off admission price since I am a member of the Louisville zoo.

After the zoo, I had to go to Ikea.
I mean I HAD to go!
I was so excited!
Almost as excited as I was to go to the zoo!
I wish I had taken some pictures while inside the store - I was to occupied with all the neato things that were placed everywhere!
I swear this store sells everything you could ever need to furnish your home!

We had to try the famous meatballs.
They were alright.
I wasn't as impressed with them as I thought I would be. I really enjoyed the white gravy on the meatballs and the mashed potatos were good.
The jam was yucky.
Not bad for $3.99 though.


  1. Great Pics....looks like you had a wonderful time!

  2. We had a wonderful time! So much fun!