Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chihuly At Cheekwood

I'm sure you know by now Matt and I like exploring the World around us. Usually that means we see the same things over and over again - over time. Ever since I moved to Kentucky we have been able to see all sorts of new places. We have also gone on a few good trips over the last month or so which has allowed us to see things we don't normally see.
It's all about new experiences for us! (At least for me.)
I would love to rent an RV one day, take off 2 weeks from work, and just explore. I would either want to head North and see around New England or I would want to head West and see places like the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore. :)

Last night we finally decided to visit Chihuly at Cheekwood in Nashville. My parents went not too long ago and had told us how great the place was. Shortly after, Matt saw it advertised on the news several times and thought it looked neat.
I have been wanting to go but it hadn't work out until yesterday. I took Friday off to be in town Thursday night so we could go. When I work on Friday I always get to TN too late.
They open at 4:30 PM. My mom suggested we be there on time so we would have a good opportunity to see everything in the daylight and at night. We were parked by 4:50 - so much traffic!
I packed us a good picnic to enjoy while there knowing we would get hungry.
Good thing we got there when we did because the line to get your admission became LONG! It costs $15 per person. You get a wrist band so they know if you paid or not.
Then you get to walk around the grounds and view all the areas.

I took over 250 pictures...
Would post a ton, but I wont. I don't want to boggle down your computer when you try to look at them all.
In no particular order, here are some I took - some during the day and some at night.
(P.S. - my new camera takes awesome pictures during the day AND night! I was pleasantly surprised!)

Had to have proof I was actually there.

Keep in mind these are all made of glass... so pretty!
The man who created all of these is so talented.
This exhibit is going through October 31 - you should go if you haven't been.


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