Sunday, October 17, 2010

Candy Corn Halloween Wreath

I hope by now you know how much I love wreaths!
I love them so much I keep them hung up all year in my house.
Why not, right?
I look at them as decorations first, then artwork.
I need to make even more!

I imagine you remember my first wreath - the Easter Egg Wreath (2 years ago).
(My mom and I started on her Easter Egg Wreath today - I have pictures but I am waiting to post until I have a picture of the final product since we ran out of glue gun glue.)

Last Christmas I made a Goody Goody Gum Drop Wreath out of candy. I still need to buy it some ribbon to hide the tie though. I'm thinking purple or red ribbon...

I had big plans a few months ago to make a Candy Corn Wreath... I even Googled it and only one person had made it. At least, Google pictures only showed me one imagine. I was so happy. Well, due to procrastination, I never made it. Imagine my shock when about a month ago I see it on the cover of Woman's Day magazine.
Who would have guessed they were thinking the same idea as me?!?!?!
Oh well I suppose.

My mom and I made ours today and I think they came out wonderfully!

We started with about $5 worth of supplies
To do yours exactly like mine you need:
Foam green wreath (Dollar Store)
Black electrical tape (Dollar Store)
Candy Corn (Might need 2 bags)
Some sort of wire to hang wreath
Glue gun with glue
My green foam wreath was originally spray painted white since I thought I wanted it to be the color of my background. My mom talked me into taping it with black so my candy corns would pop out more. I will agree, it does look better. If you already have black spray paint, you could always paint the wreath black to make this an even cheaper craft. However, I think the black tape helps to reinforce the wreath when hung.
As far as the candy corn... I bought 2 bags for $1 each from Kroger to make mine. I then got 2 free bags from CVS followed by another 2 free bags - but they only had the fall mix for my second 2 bags. (Remember, I had enough to make 2 wreaths and had leftovers - so buy accordingly.) 

Once we taped the foam wreaths, we then took out all the duds - all the broken pieces and the ones that did not look good.

After debating which way to apply the candy corns to the wreath - in a row one after another or one next to another alternating up and down - we decided to go in a row and switch the direction of the candy corn each row.
I found it easier to line the candy corns in a row to make the process go quicker.
One person held the wreath while the other one glued the wreath and stuck the candy corns to it. (My mom held mine and I held hers.) You don't really need someone to hold yours, but I forgot to bring my glue gun so we only had one to share. I think having someone help made it quicker and easier to make though. Plus, it is always fun having someone to talk to while you craft.

Mine all finished:
 Both of ours:

Mine displayed in its spot for the rest of fall:
{I need some candy or somthing in the big jar!}
I still plan on some black ribbon or putting a spidder on my wreath to cover where I started and finished my rows at the top of the wreath. I am going to the Dollar Store one day this week to see if they have a big scary looking spider. If I do the spider, I feel this can only be considered Halloween decor, but if I do ribbon, I could use it all through fall....

Any thoughts?


  1. Quick question...what did you and "L" do with the them? I would have and all the others that didn't look right!

    Great idea, my only concern would be about "bugs" not that I have any but I can only imagine this would be an "ants" favorite treat!

    Check out our Halloween "boo" buckets on my blog. I have step by step photos for you (know how you like visuals) I will e-mail them under sep cover!

  2. LOL! We were throwing them out and then decided to keep some to fill one of my jars. I don't like the taste of them so this was the perfect craft for me.

    I did spray the wreath with spray glitter and then a spray sealer like I did on my gum drop wreath which is still doing good. I will check out your buckets. Yes email step by step directions. I am definetly a visual person. :)