Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Beautiful Beaches of Myrtle Beach

If you couldn't tell from my previous post, I'll just type it out to you.
I want to go back to the beach!
I miss it so much!
I love how relaxing it is to stare into the never ending water.
I enjoy the sound of the waves smacking onto the shore.
I realize it would not be as great if I lived there though. I am sure I would start to take it for granted and no longer want to go. Besides, to get the full affect, you really need to live on the beach.
And let's face it, I will never be able to afford that luxury. :)
Oh well.

So until my next beach vacation I will just have to keep staring at my pictures until I go again. Hopefully it wont be too far into the future.
Good thing I still need to develope some pictures for all my frames around my home.

Here's my feet in the sand.
 Me with the water behind me with the sun trying to shine through the clouds on our last day at Myrtle Beach.
 Breath taking!!!
My new camera is awesome!
 On our balcony
 On the beach
 On the walkway to the beach
 From our balcony

If you noticed, almost all my pictures were taken on the last 2 days we were at the beach. My old camera kept going in and out so Matt got me a new one for my birthday (which isn't until the end of November so I'll have to remember why I don't get a present).
I picked out the Sony DSC-H55 and I am loving it!
I had previously debated getting one of those expensive interchangeable lenses camera, but have decided for now, this is enough for me. It really is an awesome camera.

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