Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bullitt County Jail House

When my mom was last here we went out and explored.
Check out what we stumbled upon...
 "You're in the big house now..."
(That is what the recorded speaker told us)
Looks like a mini castle!
It is the old jail house...
How cool is that?

 It is hard to tell, but the jail cells are tiny!

Ready For Halloween!?!?

Are you ready for Halloween?

Wyatt is!
He is all decked out in his pumpkin Halloween shirt from last year.
(It got cold starting yesterday and I thought it was appropriate.)
 Matt had a treat for him.
 He loves treats!
He'll sit pretty and dance for them!
 He loves them so much that he wanted another one.... as usual.
 Matt wont give him another one but he thinks if he looks at mommy he will get another one.
Unfortunately, he was wrong.
So time to pout... shortly followed by admitting defeat and sleeping.
 He does look adorable though.

At Target yesterday I gave in and bought the new Taylor Swift CD.
I got the one with the extra songs.
She is one of my favorites - felt I should support her.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Maker's Mark Distillery

Matt and I went to Maker's Mark Distillery yesterday.
The tour was not as good as the Jack Daniels' - but still good.
I had fun.
Matt had fun.
We plan on going to all 6 distilleries on the Bourbon trail so we can get our free t-shirt.
All you have to do is get 6 stamps from all 6 places on your "passport".

Check out Maker's Mark:

 I love this bridge.
 The picture above is the oldest operating drive-thru liquor store in the United States.

They actually let you taste the "stuff".  The liquid itself really does not have a taste. However, Matt pushed my finger in further after I took this picture and I was forced to lick it off. The "stuff" tasted nasty. Yuck!

 The bottling portion is not in operation on weekends. I would have enjoyed seeing the actual process taking place.
 All these barrels are moved by hand!
I sure would hate to have that job!
Here's what an empty building looks like. Kinda neat.

Next on our trip we went to Heaven Hill. We were late for the last tour. We got there at 4:05 which was when the last tour was starting. The lady said it was full. That's okay though. We did some walking around and still got our "passport" stamped.

 They had some cool artwork made from the barrels.

This family was my favorite.
They are very adorable.
I stopped the car in the street to take this picture.
Such a good imagination these people have.

It was too late to tour any other places - we will go another day and do some more.
At least we have 2 of our 6 distillery tours done.
4 more to go.
I want my free t-shirt!

He's Too Sexy For His Hat...???

I have been meaning to take and post these pictures since we went to Michigan and I bought what I thought would be such a cool hat for Wyatt. But as usual, somehow time gets away from me.
I bought it for $5 and don't feel it was worth it. I thought it would actually look like a hat and shield his eyes from the sunlight. I have buyer's remorse now and wish I could return it. I should have known it would only be a fashion item.
Wyatt is a boy - not a girl!

Let me know what you think of these pictures.
The hat makes him look like a girl.
Or a Chinese boy (see the first picture).

Here is the most funny picture.... I was snapping the picture at the end of his yawn and this is what I got.
Every time I see it I giggle.
It is hilarious!
He looks so goofy!
He also looks scary - like a crazed biker!

I can't stop looking at it and laughing!

Maybe the hat was worth the $5 after all.
This picture is priceless!!!

I should put it as my wallpaper on my computer.
Will definetly be printing a copy of this one.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

$1 Pack of Chicken Sausages

Thanks to fellow bloggers, I found out Meijer has Al Fresco Chicken Sausages on sale for $3.00 each compared to there regular price of $5.29 each. To make this deal even sweeter there are 2 links HERE and HERE you can print 2 $2.00 off coupons from each link making them $1.00 each. I had already printed 4 coupons from my computer so while out last night, we bought 4 packages.
For lunch we cooked 2 packages to see if we liked the flavors - Sundried Tomato and Sweet Apple.  
We both really liked the Sweet Apple meaning we will definitely be buying more of this flavor. Sundried Tomato was alright.
I have already printed 8 more coupons from both of Matt's computers.
Mom - we will give you a package. Let me know which flavor you want to try when you read this. We are going to get them tonight. 

While out we made another trip to Walgreens.
Matt checked out and so did I. We started with $12.60 in RR and left with $8 in RR and only spent less then $2.00 out of pocket for all these items.
The Bufferin is $5.99 - use the $3.00 off coupon from the Walgreen's monthly coupons and $3.00 off coupon from last week's coupon inserts. Plus, there is a mail-in rebate form along with the coupon making this a money maker item. I still have one more coupon so hopefully we find another bottle.

P.S. Print HERE (tonight) for free Alka-Seltzer starting tomorrow at Walgreens - it will either make them free, or $3.00 money maker. Not sure yet. (I have 6 coupons from all 3 of our computers.)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quick Shopping Trip

To be honest, Walgreens and CVS only dragged me into there stores since I had register rewards and bonus bucks expiring. Now that I have went, I do want to buy some more cereal.
On both mine and Matt's cards, we had $6.00 in bonus bucks about to expire. I bought 2 (1 on each card) Neutrogena Triple Moisture Split End Menders for $7.49. Spent $1.94 out of pocket and got back $7.49 in bonus bucks.
I was really hoping they would have the toothbrushes I have a rain check for since the coupon I have on them will expire at the end of the month. I'm running out of time! I really want the toothbrushes! I look everytime I go there and they never seem to have them in stock - I bet they will when my coupons are expired. :(

For Walgreens, I had a game plan. I wrote out everything I wanted and which coupons I would use. I went to the store by my house since they usually always have the items in stock.
Not this time! They didn't have any of the register reward items I wanted.
I did buy 2 packs of Ricola cough drops - $1 each this week. Used the coupon from the October coupon book for $0.50 off each pack. Then I had a $1.00 off coupon on 2. So free for me!
You could still get them for $0.50 each though.

Nivea body wash is 2 for $5.00. If you bought last Sunday's paper then you have a coupon for $3.00 off a men's bottle and $1.00 off a woman's bottle. Making 2 bottles $1.00.
(I bought 4 in the end.)

The second store I went to was fully stocked which was a shock to me.
Mucinex Moisture Smart Nasal Spray $7.99 get back $8.00
Blistex $2.59 get back $2.60
Select cereals are 2 for $5.00 and giving back $2 RR = $1.50 each

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Candy Corn Halloween Wreath

I hope by now you know how much I love wreaths!
I love them so much I keep them hung up all year in my house.
Why not, right?
I look at them as decorations first, then artwork.
I need to make even more!

I imagine you remember my first wreath - the Easter Egg Wreath (2 years ago).
(My mom and I started on her Easter Egg Wreath today - I have pictures but I am waiting to post until I have a picture of the final product since we ran out of glue gun glue.)

Last Christmas I made a Goody Goody Gum Drop Wreath out of candy. I still need to buy it some ribbon to hide the tie though. I'm thinking purple or red ribbon...

I had big plans a few months ago to make a Candy Corn Wreath... I even Googled it and only one person had made it. At least, Google pictures only showed me one imagine. I was so happy. Well, due to procrastination, I never made it. Imagine my shock when about a month ago I see it on the cover of Woman's Day magazine.
Who would have guessed they were thinking the same idea as me?!?!?!
Oh well I suppose.

My mom and I made ours today and I think they came out wonderfully!

We started with about $5 worth of supplies
To do yours exactly like mine you need:
Foam green wreath (Dollar Store)
Black electrical tape (Dollar Store)
Candy Corn (Might need 2 bags)
Some sort of wire to hang wreath
Glue gun with glue
My green foam wreath was originally spray painted white since I thought I wanted it to be the color of my background. My mom talked me into taping it with black so my candy corns would pop out more. I will agree, it does look better. If you already have black spray paint, you could always paint the wreath black to make this an even cheaper craft. However, I think the black tape helps to reinforce the wreath when hung.
As far as the candy corn... I bought 2 bags for $1 each from Kroger to make mine. I then got 2 free bags from CVS followed by another 2 free bags - but they only had the fall mix for my second 2 bags. (Remember, I had enough to make 2 wreaths and had leftovers - so buy accordingly.) 

Once we taped the foam wreaths, we then took out all the duds - all the broken pieces and the ones that did not look good.

After debating which way to apply the candy corns to the wreath - in a row one after another or one next to another alternating up and down - we decided to go in a row and switch the direction of the candy corn each row.
I found it easier to line the candy corns in a row to make the process go quicker.
One person held the wreath while the other one glued the wreath and stuck the candy corns to it. (My mom held mine and I held hers.) You don't really need someone to hold yours, but I forgot to bring my glue gun so we only had one to share. I think having someone help made it quicker and easier to make though. Plus, it is always fun having someone to talk to while you craft.

Mine all finished:
 Both of ours:

Mine displayed in its spot for the rest of fall:
{I need some candy or somthing in the big jar!}
I still plan on some black ribbon or putting a spidder on my wreath to cover where I started and finished my rows at the top of the wreath. I am going to the Dollar Store one day this week to see if they have a big scary looking spider. If I do the spider, I feel this can only be considered Halloween decor, but if I do ribbon, I could use it all through fall....

Any thoughts?