Sunday, September 26, 2010

WW Online

I joined Weight Watchers online last night.

Whoo hoo!

Go me!

Step 1: Join


I officially started counting my points today. Sadly, I have already gone over my allotted 25 points. By 2.5 points...
I will keep working at it and do better.
What really messed me up was dinner.... my foot long Subway turkey sandwich was 11 points! I didn't fully eat it so I only used 9.5 points... I will not be eating there again anytime soon. Not worth it at all! I don't really even like Subway. I just went there because I thought a sandwich would be low points in comparison to something else I could have ate. Should have gotten the grilled chicken salad from McDonald's like I really wanted.

I am going on vacation/ my best friend's wedding soon and I have decided I will still count my points and try to make good choices, but I will not force myself to do great. I want to be able to enjoy eating while on vacation. Plus, we will have to eat out of most of our meals so it is too hard to do great.
Matt is wanting to try a bunch of seafood places so maybe I can do good on some days. My biggest obstacle will be overeating. At least I will get some exercise walking along the ocean.

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