Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Welcome To My Door

My favorite part of any season or holiday are the decorations!
(After the spending time with family and friends part.)

I get so excited when there is something new I can buy for the right price and display it proudly.
(Hence why I buy so many clearance items.)
I have slacked on my front door for MONTHS.
I mean months!
My door was just as plain as can be.

I'm back into my groove...

Mom and I went to the Dollar Store over the weekend and I bought some fall decorations. Just wait till you see what my door looks like for Halloween! I'm way too excited over the Halloween decorations I bought and the ones I already had that I bought last year.

The fall item I bought for my door is:
I'm sure you need a closer look.
You too can have one of these bad boys for the low price of $1.00

And yes, I do realize it is not technically fall yet.
However, I don't care!
Cooler weather means fall-ish times are here to stay and should be celebrated... with fall decorations of course!