Friday, September 10, 2010

Trick Or Treat

I went to Kroger yesterday to buy a few things I needed and I stumbled on items being marked down 75% off.
They had all sorts of school supplies and candy... so be on the lookout if you are needing these items.

I found me the color pencils I had been wanting ever since I saw them this summer at Staples but swore I would never pay THAT much money for colored pencils.
Hello! I am frugal, remember?
I paid $0.98!
Wish I had bought another pack.
I know, I know... what on Earth do I need colored pencils for?
I will find a use don't you worry.
Even if I have to buy a coloring book.
Actually, I kinda want a coloring book... coloring used to be so much fun! Maybe I would still enjoy it.

I also saw candy  - 6-packs for $1.07 I wanted for myself as well as a Christmas project my mom found online for us to do together closer to the holiday. I decided to purchase 3 packs.
(Not that I needed them or anything.... don't judge me.)

After buying my colored pencils, chocolate, and other miscellaneous items I started thinking.
When I was younger, I remember once getting a full sized candy bar from trick or treating and thinking I was special/lucky. How nice would it be to have other kids feel this way. I doubt I will get more then 30 or so trick or treaters and I would probably spend $5 or more anyways so I might as well buy 5 6-packs.
So I did.
I have already hid them from myself because I know me. I will eat them if I see them and I am hungry or having a bad day.

Good deals right?

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